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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

DivaDebbi Blogs for the New York Group for Plastic Surgery

As a long time patient of the New York Group for Plastic Surgery, I was honored when they asked me to guest Blog for their website in October, honor of Breast Cancer Awareness week. I trusted them when I needed them most, when I chose to do preventative surgery and now, to help me look my best...

Guest Blogger: Beauty and Fashion Expert DivaDebbi Offers Her Perspective on Breast Reconstruction, and a Night of Style!

Trust is everything... 

My name is Debbi O’Shea and I am a long-time patient of the NYGPS.  I am also a Personal Shopper at Richards, a specialty store in Greenwich, CT, and write the beauty and fashion blog, 

My introduction to the NYGPS was as a breast reconstruction patient.  My decision to do an "Angelina," or a prophylactic mastectomy, was made after finding out I was BrCa 1 positive, four years after my breast cancer diagnosis. Believe me, this is not a decision any woman makes easily. 

Ultimately, the compassionate care and the beautiful outcome I received made one of the most challenging times in my life completely doable.  Dr. Salzberg and his entire staff couldn't have been kinder or more reassuring.  I did my surgery 13 years ago, way ahead of the curve and with little support, since prophylactic mastectomy was less common at the time.  NYGPS were my cheerleaders and I am incredibly grateful that my breast surgeons, Dr. Roy and Andrew Ashikari, work in tandem with them. 

Dr. Salzberg has taught his direct to implant, or "one step," reconstruction method all over the world. Though my surgery came right before this particular procedure was available, his brilliant advance saves women undergoing mastectomy fr om having to go through months of uncomfortable breast expansion and a second surgery where permanent implants are placed.  I always encourage friends to call me if they know of someone newly diagnosed. 

Yes, trust is everything… 

When it came time to address my own anti-aging beauty concerns, the NYGPS was the only place I would consider working with. I am always comfortable feeling like we are collaborating on which non-invasive procedures are right for me, and knowing ahead of time exactly what to expect. 

As a beauty blogger, I receive many offers for free services in exchange for blog coverage.  I am never tempted to accept them.  Why would I incur the risk of looking frozen or unlike myself by unknown hands?  Besides with the NYGPS costs are competitive, generally less than NYC and with their new rewards program, loyalty and referral "points" accrue quickly — a win-win for all. I am also excited that they are adding a full-time aesthetician to address additional aging concerns with facials, peels, microdermabrasion and resurfacing lasers. 

On Tuesday November 12, the NYGPS is once again joining me at Richards in Greenwich, CT from 6—8 pm for a presentation on looking your best for the Holidays and beyond.  We invite you to join us for this fun and informative night of fashion and beauty.  The event is complimentary, but reservations are necessary. We would love to see you there! Please feel free to bring a or


  1. Your story is very inspiring and i'm glad you're happy and healthy on this day!

  2. Thank you kindly Lily!

    xo and good health,




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