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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review: Brazilian Blowout Instant Body Boost Powder

Gwen Stefani loves lift

I was born in the wrong era.  If it were feasible, I would have a  "bump-it" permanently stitched to the crown of my head, (it's the only possible way to get it to stay, 3 steps out of my bathroom).

Who doesn't look better with a little lift at the root??? My obsession started the first time I saw the film Bonnie and Clyde.  I wanted Faye Dunaway's bob.  The fact that my hair is neither blond or straight was of little concern. Get me a rat tail teasing comb stat...

Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde

Today, I love Gwen, because she has figured out how to add fullness to the crown,  without looking like Snooki.  Adele's do gives me heart palpitations too. My favorite Carrie Bradshaw look evah, was when she got to be a "MODEL". Orlando Pita did her hair and Kevyn Aucoin did her makeup. Both were OTT and SJP never looked better.

When I had the opportunity to try Brazilian Blowout's Instant Body Boost Powder from their new Volume Collection of course I said yes!


This is an interesting product, and I just happened to LOVE it.  It requires very, very little to get maximum effect, and nicely, they forewarn you of this.  (I tend to be a more is better kind of Girl and can easily overdose on product.)

Simply rub Instant Volume Body Boost Powder in completely to any area you want to add  some instant volume and lift to. The unique powder formula also will give you a pass, on needing to wash your hair for a day or two.

It gives you Va-Va in about 5 seconds.  I can tell you unequivocally, Brazilian Blowout's Instant Volume Body Boost Powder is a new Holy Grail product for me and I will never be without it.

Here's a link so you can order it immediately. Brazilian Blowout Body Boost Powder.

Now if I could just find that rat tail comb...

Oh. And you're welcome.



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