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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Actively Radiant with Murad's Active Radiance Serum

Murad's Active Radiance Serum
1 fl. oz. $89.00
When I first started blogging back in March of 2008 (!), I recalled my introduction to the world of serums.

I have always been a PBS Girl, and will slog through the fundraising events because I know they need viewer support.

One evening, I became mesmerized, watching the Internationally known Dermatologist, Dr. Denese spouting her shpil.   Dr. Denese is a Hungarian blonde of a certain age. Initially, I wasn't paying any attention to what she was saying because I couldn't take my eyes off her glowing skin...Then I snapped out of my revelry and whipped out a  notepad.

 Dr. Denese's skin care philosophy is backed up with a whole lotta science and boils down to 5 simple steps: 

1) Cleanse 
2) Tone
3) Exfoliate with glycolic acid 
4) Apply a "serum" with a watery consistency to 
5) Bind with an application of a "fatty" night creme.

 It all resonated well with me, and I still follow this regimen every day and every night for the last 6 years.  In addition to my beloved La Peau Skincare (the best day, night and eye cream ever), I have added a miracle booster, a 2 part system from 3 Sisters Restorasis before my serum. This one, two easy system clinically reverses damage.  I have promised and will be providing you with in depth information about this amazing find.  I am proud to be the the Brand Ambassador for both products.

In the beginning, it was nearly impossible to find a "serum with a watery consistency".  They barely  existed as a skin care category.  The market is now proliferated with them,  so hunting for an effective serum, that delivers the glow I pursue like a truffle hound is always something I am open to sample.

I  am quite enamored with Dr. Howard Murad's Skincare products.  One of the easiest, most effective glow getters I have added to my skin care regimen is  a simple application of  Murad's Intensive-C Radiance Peel, for 10 minutes, once a week.  ($49.50 and a little goes a long way).

When I had the opportunity to sample the well reviewed Murad Active Radiance Serum, I pounced.  Here's the promise:

What it is:
A clinically proven treatment for environmentally aging skin that brightens and renews the complexion by improving natural radiance and clarity. 

What it is formulated to do:
This radiance-enhancing serum protects and repairs skin to provide superior all-day defense against environmental aggressors with Resilient-C Complex, a remarkable new vitamin C technology that delivers 50-times the free radical neutralizing power of prior generations. This unique formula restores tone and smoothes texture while improving skin firmness. 

Of all the serums I have tried, I would say it's in my top 5. I have not noticed additional firming, but it definitely does brighten and leave the skin finished with a radiant glow.  At this price point, I think it will best serve those with  mature or damaged skin.

Murad makes an extensive line of skincare products targeted to different needs from acne and rosacea to hyperpigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles.  Whatever ails you, he has used the best science possible to create a treatment to improve it.

I still feel lucky to have learned how essential a serum is to a good skincare regiment from Dr. Denese and whole heartily recommend you use one too.

I always keep a notepad and pen in my night table (in the past to write down whatever I think I can't live without that is being hawked on QVC at 3:00 am.  Amazing the clarity the light of day brings...)  If Dr. Murad ever gets a gig on PBSI'll be ready for him too...



  1. What are your top five serums?

  2. My top five serums are:

    1) Lumene's Premium Beauty Serum. I have probably gone through a dozen bottles. It smells heavenly and it makes my skin look like glowing velvet. I JUST found it on sale at CVS, buy one, get the second one for 75% OFF!!! That is a bargain. LOVE

    2) SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic. I often come back to this fabulous serum.

    3)Murad's Active Radiance Serum

    4) Dr. Jeffrey Dover's Glycolic Serum

    5)Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals Infusion-A




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