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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Penelope Cruz in W...and Polyvore


Penelope Cruz  graces the cover of W Magazine's September fashion issue. I think she is ravishingly gorgeous.

The photography in this issue is stunning, though I can see very little correlation to clothing and hence; fashion.

The current Editor, Stefano Tonchi, has a curious predilection for mice type.  I might not be able to spot my mother across an auditorium, but I do pride myself on being able to read the N.Y. Times sans reading glasses...This makes me crazy. One question.  WHY???  If Tonchi's goal is to wipe out an entire demographic, I think he is succeeding beyond his wildest hopes.

So, I no longer read W., because I can't... I just look at the pretty pictures.  As their 40th anniversary approaches, they showed some wonderful shots of the swans who frequently graced their pages, Jacqueline de Ribes, Jackie O., Pat Buckley, Nancy Kissinger, C.Z. Guest, Gloria Vanderbilt et al.

It made me miss the days of former editor Patrick McCarthy and founder John Fairchild's reign, when we saw plenty of fashion.  Every issue finished with 'Countess Louise J. Esterhazy' (aka J.F.) hilariously griping and skewering Society, always evening the score. (FYI: There is an enjoyable article about the always mischievous and brilliant Mr. Fairchild in September's Vanity Fair.)

Thus, I had Penelope on the brain.  I didn't get to see her outfitted as I might have wanted to in this month's W., so in this Polyvore set I dressed her as if I did.

Would she not look stunning in this ruched, floral satin Dolce and Gabanna dress, with Lanvin clutch and Nak Armstrong earrings?  Oh and I adore the shoes too.

I think the Countess would have approved...


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