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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fall Trends 2012: Makeup

I have been savoring and digesting the fall tomes. I am half way through guts of the Fall 2012 trends in beauty, ready-to-wear and accessories. It's not nearly as overwhelming when your realize that literally hundreds of pages are advertising.

I have no qualm with that really.  The publishing industry has struggled as more and more eyeballs continue to read their glossies digitally (and save a tree or three in the process).  I'm all for successful rebounds and truth be told, even if you never read any content, the consistency of the trends would resonate, just by the ads alone.

In any given season, the worlds of clothing, hair and makeup compliment each other. Designers don't design in a vacuum. They collaborate with the best in the industry to enhance their visions. We then get see the finished "product" on the runway, in live streamed videos and print.

Here's the thing about any trend, if it doesn't suit you to wear a brocade, sapphire nails or full bangs, by all means don't. You will only feel like a poser.  Stick with what feels like you in and on your skin. It will never fail you because you will radiate confidence.

I always love Fall clothes best...who doesn't?, but this season is particularly luscious...

For the first time, in several seasons, there is truly something for everyone, both in silhouette, hue and palette. Here is a round up of this seasons makeup trends. I'll let you know if I'm in,out or trying:

Lady Sings the Blues:  Blue was a major trend in eye shadow, liner, mascara and nail polish, (it's migrated north from the toes.)  Powder, cornflower, teal, sapphire, royal, navy, midnight and every shade in between is being touted.  I'm out.

You Glow Girl: I'm not sure when radiant skin isn't fashionable, but luminous skin is definitely having a moment.  The trick is to find illuminators that are subtly infused in foundations and powders.  The world has waited a long time for YSL to introduce a foundation to compliment their cult favorite concealer Touche Eclat.  Le Teint Touche is available in 17 shades and is already winning raves...I'm in.

Red Reins:  There was a tremendous amount of red shown on the runways this fall.  To me, red ready-to-wear is a brunette Girls color.  I have never cared for it on a blonde or a redhead.  Since it was shown so prominently on the runway, red lipstick was a huge trend.  If you are going to attempt it, The best bet is to wear it with a neutral cheek.  I have tried, many, many times to wear red lipstick. It always feels false and harsh on me, particularly if it has yellow undertones.  I'm out.

Cheers! Burgundy and merlot lips and nails: Fashion is having a love affair with the vineyard this season and I am stoked.  I have never worn such a deep hued lip before, but I will give it a whirl.  It helps to look for sheer textures and to apply it with a lip brush while the eye adjusts. I'm trying.

Ever since Chanel introduced "Vamp" nail polish in 1994, (yes, it's been 16 years already), browned burgundies are more or less a Fall staple, this year, even more so. Always loved it, always will.  I'm in.

Browsing:  Full for Fall is the edict.  If you have over tweezed, over the years,
it's pretty much safe to say that ship has sailed.

Back in June, I discovered a fabulous product made by Anastasia of Beverly Hills. (  This cleanly textured brow gel applies easily with the wand it comes with.  It adds fullness, defines and if you have a stray gray, it will cover that too.
Nicely, it stays perfectly put, all day.

Thick or thin, it's worth it to have your brows  professionally shaped every 6 weeks or so, (and no I don't mean at the corner nail salon.)  I'm in.

Getting Down to Earth:
I have always been a fan of earth tone shadows.  I think they are flattering to every eye color. In reality, the shades are more edible than earthy;  the best are rich truffle, cinnamon, mocha, chocolate and coffee. Besides, it's hard to mess them up.  I'm in.

Bold Liner; Meow: This is just code for 'Cat's Eye" another look that frequently resurfaces.  I've been trying my hand at it for more than years than I care to admit.  I have two lining staples:  Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Gel and Le Metier de Beaute's Precision Liner.  The applicator brush was designed by Mont Blanc,  the venerable German writing instrument house.  It does not exempt me from having to use a lot of Q-tips. It's a gorgeous look for evening and I will never not covet it.  I'm trying.  Again.

What's your pretty???


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  1. Love this post... love the content... love the writing.. I'm in. xox



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