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Monday, August 20, 2012

Day and suitcase

Day and suitcase

Oh, I am so excited!!! Part of the fun of participating on Polyvore is getting to know other obsessed, crazed fashionista's from all over the globe.  Like all online communities, there is a rhyme and reason behind how things work.  I have never mastered Twitter, but Polyvore I get and now it gets me.

There are groups and contests to join all the time.  The winners sets are so spectacularly stunning, that I almost gave up on entering them anymore, and if I do, it is with zero expectations.

Lo and behold, the set I recently posted, with the gorgeous strapless, smokey blue mystery dress just won first place in the "Peplum" contest. (

Yay!!!  Validation!!!

Anyway, sometimes images that I have saved, like this rare, vintage white cobra suitcase, inspire me to create sets around them. Thus my imaginary heroine is having a short, but lovely stay in London and needs to pack judiciously, but stylishly, of course...


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