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Monday, August 20, 2012

Almay Intense I-Color Mascara: Cheap and Cheerful...Hooray!

Almay Intense I-Color mascara
with light interplay technology $8.99

A gift from the Gods! ...You know I am always on the hunt for a great cheap drugstore mascara.  It makes me extremely cranky to spend $24 a pop on mascara every month, despite my failed attempts (and multiple returns) to find a decent drugstore mascara, nothing came remotely close to my staple Benefit's They're Real Mascara...until now.

I have always had great luck with Almay's Intense-I collection. The premise behind it is that each eye color, hazel, brown, blue and green, should have their own palette to enhance them.

Almay's eyeliner that is created to last for 16 hours, is a smudge proof, budget friendly winner.  It glides on well, but stays put and self sharpens.  I've purchased it many times.

I have also purchased the Intense I-Color eyeshadow for brown eyes. Though I prefer the texture and quality of prestige shadows, whenever I wear Almay's shadows I get compliments...go figure.

I don't know whether or not it was wishful thinking or good intuition, but I had a feeling that  Almay Intense-I Color Mascara was going to be a winner and it was.

It comes in 4 shades: black flash for brown eyes, black steel for blue eyes, black emerald for hazel eyes and chocolate quartz for green eyes.

As a kid, I fervently wished for any other color but the brown ones I was born with.  If I was purchasing this at 13 I probably would have bought the black emerald, hoping it would turn my eyes hazel. I still had to repress my urge to buy it...

I couldn't really discern the effect of the iridescent mineral powder, but the brush was perfectly sized and the consistency of the product is gel like and glossy. It applied like a dream with zero spikes or clumps and I instantly had a fan of thick, full lashes.

Love that!

It's time for the final test---removing it.  The promise is that it removes easily.  My beloved They're Real does not.

Both my wishful thinking and good intuition tell me it's going to be a breeze...

Here's hoping.



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