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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Royal Treatment

Kielhs,  has been creating and selling lotions and potions since 1851.  Their stores, (more like body pharmacies),  are staffed with knowledgeable sellers who are definitely swilling  the Kielh's Kool-Aid,  with every meal.  The only product I have ever purchased was Kiehl's Silk Groom,  after being sucked in by the lore that Silk Groom would make my mane as silky as a Thoroughbred's tail...uh NO.  Lank and greasy are the adjectives that pop back into scalp mind.

Last September, I  visited the original site of  Kiehl's N.Y pharmacy, as part of a TotalBeauty Blogging summit.  We were generously treated to a full 8oz. size of Kielh's Imperial Body Balm.   It was interesting;  apricot hued, richly textured with a vaguely exotic smell.  It got buried in my goody closet until this past week.  I'm thrilled to have unearthed it, because it just may be  is THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!!!

I always keep some type of  heavy duty cream on my night stand, to tackle my feet, hands, knees and elbows, right before bed.  Lately I have been looking at my knees and the 3 inches of dermis above them and have been wondering, "Wha happind Lucy"???  They say, "the legs are the last to go" on a woman...I can tell you conclusively, which is the first part of the last part.

This is how  Kiehl's describes Imperial Body Balm:  "Inspired by old-world Russian herbal remedies, this supremely rich body balm renews the look of very dry, tired-looking skin with Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, known for its replenishing effects on skin. Our skin-renewing balm also helps to protect skin from signs of premature aging due to dryness, exposure to harsh climates and environmental effects. Our luxurious recipe instantly reveals skin that is smoother, softer and royally radiant.   Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil is naturally replete with Vitamins A & E, Carotenoids and Palmitoleic Acid to protect skin from free radicals, and support skin cell repair from sun and environmental damage. Skin appears healthier, smoother and more youthful.

Yes, it does... Thank God!!!   That slight off stench scent, surely must be Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, but frankly, I would continue using it, even if it turned out to be whale turd...Needless to say, I am now slathering my face in it as well.

So now you know.  The $42.00 price tag is not all that prohibitive, as a small amount is needed and the 8 oz. tub is generous.  Let's be serious...It's priceless.  So give someone you love the royal treatment and don't forget to treat yourself too...your knees will thank me.

Happy 4th y'all!!!



  1. You are just soooooo spot on. What the heck happened to the top of the knee skin and a couple of inches above???????????? Wish I had never sunbathed all those hours at Jones Beach.


  2. Hey RPM!!!
    So nice to hear from you! This Kiehl's product is pretty amazing. I have definitely seen an improvement. We all have left over anti aging product in our medicine cabinets. I am using all my left over product on sneaky little areas like these. It certainly can't hurt. Urgggh!




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