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Monday, June 29, 2009

Listen Sister...

My sister Loren called last night...She enjoyed reading about my chipmunk streaked legs, that resulted from a self tanning misadventure. Loren, who is fair and casually freckled, always burned before tanning. In our teens, we would come home from Jones Beach and while I spent hours admiring the contrast between my Lilly white rear and my walnut hued thighs, Loren would be applying cool, aloe compresses to skin that looked like raw chop meat. Needless to say, she never developed the affection I have for a tan, because she never got to have one.

Loren is a patient of a well know Manhattan Dermatologist, Dr. Diane Madfes. She couldn't wait to tell me, that Dr. Madfes is now a great fan of, Neutrogena's Sunscreen with SPF 55 and she was going out to buy it immediately. "Uh huh", I mumbled between stifling a yawn. Frankly, she might as well been discussing pork belly futures.

"Yes, she thinks it's perfect for everyday use. By the way...what number SPF do you use???

"Whaddya mean???... at the beach"?

"No, no. Everyday. What SPF do you use everyday"???

Drum roll---long pregnant pause, "Uh, none???

"OH MY GOD, I know you know better". "You spend a fortune on your skin and neglect it in the most basic way". "I don't understand you". She's right,
I do know better.

Baby steps, sometimes that's the best way to approach a seismic shift. One of the things I usually don't like about sunscreen, with SPF over 15, is the chalky, white residue it leaves behind. I recently received a sample of Erno Lazlo's Total Face and Body Protection SPF 30and for a change, the sun index today was strong, so it was a perfect time for a debut. I make it a habit, every night, to use the same anti aging products on my hands, neck and chest that I do on my face. Today, I started anew, thoroughly "shielding, nourishing and hydrating" my hands.

To all good things, come to those who ignore and procrastinate??? I think so!!!
Erno Lazlo Total Face and Body Protection SPF 30 was silky, instead of chalky, absorbed quickly and had a vaguely beach, Coppertoney smell. Could that have been intentional? Breaking me in slowly??? I'd like to think so.

Tomorrow, hands and chest. At this rate, I will have the body thing locked up in a few weeks and for now Sister, that's as much as I can commit to. I know you have my best interest at heart, just like I had yours...I never skimped on that Solarcaine spray, now did I???


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