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Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Ending

I do love the look of a tan, but I am a long way from the baby oil and iodine days of my teens and the N.Y.C. rooftop tans of my twenties. A little sun is good for the soul and the bones, but a great self tanner, is even better.

The first self tanner I ever used was Clarin's Auto Bronzante Self Tanning Milk. You could confidently use Auto Bronzante and never have to worry about waking up tangerine. In the interim 20 years, I have tried dozens of sprays, mists, lotions and creams, all promising to provide an even, gradual, golden glow. Since most of them are still lounging in my vanity, I decided to shop at home, and chose one that applied as a clear gel. I didn't think twice about it, till my work pals, Angela and Naki, fell off their chairs laughing as I exited. Sure 'nuff, the back of my legs looked like two striped chipmunks, Chip and Dale...Funny??? Yes. Pretty??? Not so.

I realize, I am much better off, with tinted self tanner, so I could see exactly where the product is placed. I decided to go back and give Clarin's, my first love, a second chance.

I stopped into Sephora, where I was greeted like the class Valedictorian, returning to their Alma mater...hugs and smiles all around, laments about too much time spent away... Gee, it's nice to be missed and I was delighted to see that business was strong and familiar lines, had formed to check out.

First stop was Clarin's, but unfortunately, none of the self tanners were tinted. We moved on to Lindsay Lohan's, Sevin Nyne, which was recently launched. Sevin Nyne is a clear mist of Pina Colada. If you could live through the smell, it very well might simulate a tan...for me, all it did was stimulate my gag reflex. Lindsay Doll, stick to rehab...

Mia (my Sephora Beauty Advisor) and Mi, toured the aisles in search of a tinted self tanner...alas, on a Victory Lap, we discovered Lancome's Flash Bronzer, whose fine reputation, proceeds it. I'm happy and all set, until I hear those five little words, that always send a chill up my spine, "we are out of stock"...Uggggghhhhhhh. I know for sure, that they will call me when it comes in, but it is sweetly, pointless. On a beauty mission, I am a Navy Seal. Product will be found and purchased within O one hundred hours.

Next stop, CVS, where I hit pay dirt. I have always had great success with Loreal's Sublime Self Tanners. They don't smell cancerous and are extremely effective and well priced. How fortuitous, that they just launched, Sublime Bronze Luminous Bronzer, a new tinted lotion, that provides instant glow and illuminates with "micro-pearls". The color that develops is a healthy, golden tan, and for $8.99, I don't feel obliged to dole it out, with an eye dropper.

So, it all ends happily...kind of. I am sure it feels like summer somewhere. Those folks, are out playing golf and tennis, sailing, walking and enjoy other outdoor activities. They have a different agenda...sunscreens and should the need ever arise, I promise to Blog about them, too.


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