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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When the Moon is in the Second House...

I am not handy and have never aspired to be, though if your a gal who knows her way around tongue and groove pliers, you have my deepest respect and admiration.

The other day, I found myself, tibia deep, in shower water that was at a complete standstill. Yuk. What could be the problem??? I have heard of the term, "gallbladder sludge", I just couldn't figure out how it found its way into my bathtub. Or perhaps, the soy and olive oil in my beloved Dove Body Wash, had triggered the problem?

If I could find it, I wouldn't know what to do with a plunger, so while I was out buying Mr. Plumber, I started thinking, I might be better off with a body wash, that doesn't have the consistency and ingredients of mayonnaise. Amazingly, in a flash of beauty kismet, I arrived home to a package that included, a new body wash, that will hit the shelves within the next week or two...Love that!!!

What's in a name? Well for starters, if I like it, I am more inclined to try it or buy it. I always thought Tone was a great name for a soap, so why not a Body Wash?. Tone's Blueberry Antioxidant Body Wash, with vitamins A, E and blueberry extract, looked cheery, (much needed, since it now rains Monday through Friday) and it will be very well priced, ($3.99 for 18 oz.)

No one would ever confuse me for a, "morning person". Given my druthers, the American work day would begin at 11:00, but alas, I am in the minority here, so I participate in morning rituals, despite catatonia.

The next day, I opened my new, Tone Blueberry Body Wash, and was instantly awakened by a sweet, pungent "blueberry" fragrance...ooooooooh, did I goof here??? Actually, not. Once the rich, antioxidant infused wash, met the pouf and a little H20, it diffused into a creamy, fresh smelling lather. It left my skin feeling like silk and rinsed clean. I used less moisturizer and was told I smelled, "delicious". 16 hours later, I still felt like a newborn.

I prefer a sludge less morning, don't you? Blueberry Tone, also promises radiant skin and I think it will live up to its billing. Maybe I will luck out and get radiant, toned pipes as well---here's hoping for a little more beauty's my favorite kind of lucky.


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