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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Girl Tech

One of the all time smartest, beauty promotions ever created, is a, "Gift-With-Purchase". This nugget of marketing genius, was hatched by none other than the legendary Estee Lauder. Wildly successful and frequently copied, women have been enjoying their freebies, for the last 50 years, without feeling like they spent an extra dime, (maybe because they spent an extra $20).

Sometimes, those gifts felt like they packaged all the left over discontinued lipsticks, Brick-a-Brac, Blood Money and Iced Tea with all the long forgotten shadows, Aqua Net, Lovely Lilac, and Meadow Grass. In other words, all the dogs.

In my teens, I became addicted to Clinique's 3 Step skin care program...The gorgeous Cleansing Bar , the size of a babka, came wrapped in it's own mint green house. The liquid Clarifying Lotion, acted as the exfoliant, and came in different numbered strengths... some of my happiest beauty memories were of experiencing that first tingle and glow. The icing, was Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion , which had the color and consistency of a good cake batter...Loved it bad.

I never knew whether my sister Loren knew, that her 3 Step, was actually a 6 Step, and more so when "we" used it twice a day. I do remember, that whenever it was Clinique gift time, I would prey for a 3 Step bonus, in hopes of having my own stash and that my prayers were often answered. As a form of payback, I sometimes gifted back, the spectacular Black Honey Lip gloss to my unwitting benefactor...boy, am I ever a class act, don't you think???

Today, I received an email from one of my contacts at Estee Lauder. EL, is encouraging us, to share this generous promotion, with out readers. This smartly packaged promotion, allows you to choose the best moisturizer for your skin type, as well as a gloss, lipstick, eyeshadow stick and 8 shadow quad, in your choice of cool or warm tones. In addition, every gift comes with a sample of Aerin Lauder's Private Collection, Tuberose and a chic, white and black cosmetics bag.

This offer is worth over $100, and it is yours, free, with any purchase of $39.50 or more. This limited offer ends of June 14th. Both gifts include gorgeous, wearable colors---you will want to use, not a single barker in the bunch...I swear.

O.K., so I double dipped on my sister's 3 Step, a long time ago...
doesn't mean you can't trust me now. See for yourself...go to Today's Gift-With-Purchases, have come a long way, baby. I think Mrs. Lauder would have loved, all of the new media. Your gift is just a click away

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