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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Low Brow Big Time

You all know, I had high hopes that The Real Housewives of New Jersey, would provide some mindless entertainment for a few Tuesdays. The only thing I got right, was the few Tuesdays.

Someone over at Bravo, obviously slipped on their thinking cap and decided to cut their losses pronto. The season "finale", came with the 6th installment. I never made it past the third.

The RH of NJ, made Carmela Soprano, look like Letitia Baldridge. No!!!... big hair, big "bubbies", big hubbies, big Botox, big cars, big teeth and big mouths, cannot best, tacky, tasteless and tedious. Your bad, Bravo.

I was hoping to feel some sense of simpatico, with this crew, since I am half Italian and in the end I did. To borrow a phrase from Theresa, I, "shkeeved".

That's all...


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