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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Revisiting Color WOW Root Cover Up Kit

Color Wow's Root Cover Up Kits
4 Shades $34.50 at Ulta
(I saw several shades advertised on for $24.99

Hmmmm....well pretty much, I feel like a total dope.  I recently was having my hair blown out at my happy place, the  sleek and chic, Becker Salon in Greenwich, by the young and talented Elianny.

Becker Salon
380 Greenwich Avenue Greenwich CT.

When she finished, she said you know, "there's a small patch in the back that needs some help. Shall I get the Color WOW?"

This award winning product continues to be a leader in the temporary "root problem" category.  I had bought, returned and posted about it back in 2013.
My problem with Color WOW, was that even using the larger side of the brush, the coverage wasn't that good and it seemed unnervingly time consuming. Albeit a bit messier, wasn't it easier to just spray away gray???

I thought so...

I don't know if directions are included, (who can read what's on a cosmetic package without a telescope anyway,) and if they were, I probably would have ignored them anyway...

What I missed, and what Elianny promptly showed me, is that Color WOW is not meant to be applied with the large side of the brush! "That, is for sweeping.
The color is meant to be applied with the densely packed, smaller bristle brush on the other end".


And what a difference that makes!  Now I understand the hoopla and accolades for this mineral based product. It did cover beautifully, was not dry, dull or itchy, in the upcoming days and it did stay put until.

For those of you interested in the science of how it works, here's the scoop:

The powder is made up of tiny double-ended zinc particles that have a positive charge on one end. These obedient little molecules line up along each strand like magnets, attaching themselves to the negative charge on the hair. At the other end, the particle holds mineral pigment powder. In supersimple terms, the particles are essentially forming a tiny bridge linking the pigment powder to your hair. The only thing that can break this bridge are the surfactants (cleansers) in shampoo.

So, I'm officially a convert, picking up Color WOW, once again at Ulta. (Why it's not placed next to all the other "root fix" products is baffling despite being a best selling, Ulta exclusive. I almost left empty handed, again. I was surprised to have not been able to purchase it at Sephora the day before.) 

Now a fan, I also appreciate how easily this slim, neat compact could slip in my handbag or in my cosmetics bag for travel. Kisses and hugs to Elianny as well, whose superb blowouts always make me feel my best and who educated me on how to use a superb product.

Mea culpa Lovelies. It's a goodie...


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