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Sunday, May 22, 2016

London Bound with All things Farfetch

London Bound with All things FarFetch

Alexander McQueen white peplum shirt, $795 / Yves Saint Laurent genuine leather biker jacket, $4,605 / Dolce Gabbana red high waisted skirt, $795 / Giuseppe Zanotti colorful sneaker, $980 / Chanel quilted chain purse, $5,215 / Louis Vuitton zip top tote, $2,720 / Alexander McQueen skull umbrella, $620 / Chantecaille mascara, $94 /

Recently, I received a fun reach out from Farfetch's Social Media team.  Farfetch is a British international fashion website that stocks products from 400 independent boutiques around the world.  It is in short, fabulous. Do take a peek...

They contacted fashion bloggers whose style they liked and asked us to participate in a contest, creating a set, showing what we might pack to where in London, New York, Paris or Milan.  Maybe it's the nearly 23 consecutive days of rain we have had or maybe it's just that I am still fondly remembering my recent trip to London, either way, that's what inspired the set above.

Fingers crossed Lovelies.  I certainly would love to win a gift certificate to shop the world at my fingertips.

Here's hoping...


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