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Thursday, May 5, 2016

6 Tips from on How to Fade Dark Spots Quickly

When I'm skimming beauty sites,  I'm always on the hunt for either new discoveries or quick fixes.  When worthy, I like to share them with you. did a nice run through of quick hacks for fading the deservedly maligned, "dark spot" a slightly prettied up term for "age spot". There were some good takeaway's.

I am a huge believer in the efficacy of glycolic acid pads.  I was pleased to see that an ancient favorite of mine, newly revamped and recently pitched for me to sample, from Avon Anew was mentioned as a fave, (and an affordable one at that.)

The other thing I learned about was something well known dermatologist Dr. Jeanette Graff prescribes  to her patients, particularly those with darker complexions; Azaleic acid.  Apparently it is an effective lightener that sticks to the job at hand without lightening surrounding skin, the way non-liver friendly Hydroquinone can. This, I will be begging  asking my derm for stat.

Of course we know, that should the sun ever shine again in the Northeast, that all the toil that we go through; peels, lasers, and lighteners are all for naught, unless one stays out of the sun and slathers with sun block. Daily.

I thought it was worth a quick read and I think you may too.  Here's a link to peruse if you would like to take a peek.


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