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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Elite Platinum Creme: Review & Giveaway Contest

Elite Platinum Creme

Back in 2012, I was fist contacted by Elite Therapeutics, about a product created by their founder Dr. Kevin Schewe,  a practicing radiation oncologist.
Dr. Schewe, first hand had seen the ravages of what radiation can do to the skin. As such, a mission was born to heal and restore his patients skin, marrying cutting edge science with active naturals.

Having experienced radiation on my own breast I was moved by his passion and saw great improvements in the texture of my breast skin, despite at that time, a passage of 17 years time.

In addition, Dr. Schewe also created a premier anti-aging product Elite Platinum Cream  .  This wonderful cream has the most delicious smell and texture. I have thoroughly been enjoying using it exclusively, night and day for the last 3 weeks, on my face, neck and decollete. My skin looks radiant and feels hydrated and smooth. It is one of the few creams I have used that truly can do double duty as your daytime and nighttime moisturizer.

Take a look at it's premiere ingredients:

Apple Stem Cell Technology: This nature-plus-science elixir is clinically proven to reduce the size, depth and intensity of wrinkles. Helps protect the longevity of skin stem cells and combat the visible signs of chronological aging.
HyaluronateHyaluronate Acid Cross-Polymer: With five times the water binding capacity of regular hyaluronic acid, this advanced ingredient has a youthful plumping effect that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Protein PeptideProtein-Peptide Blend This potent youth-boosting cocktail is specifically formulated to help improve dermal hydration, elastin proliferation and DNA protection, all of which are essential for healthy, radiant skin.
Vitamin EVitamin E (Tocopherols and Tocotrienols): All eight forms of natural Vitamin E are used to neutralize free radicals and protect cell membranes for glowing skin that can maintain a healthy moisture balance.
It doesn't get much better than this. Now here's the really good part! You too, may have the opportunity to try this luscious and effective anti-aging cream.
Elite Therapeutics has graciously offered to give one full size $125 Elite Platinum Creme to one of my Lovelies.  Interested?  Good! 
The contest will run for one week and end at midnight EST on May 19th. To be eligible, you must like DivaDebbi on Facebook (simply click on the FB box on my homepage,) and leave me a comment on my DivaDebbi Facebook page or comment here, why you would like to try Elite Platinum Creme for yourself. 

Don't forget to include your email, so I will have a way to contact you if your are the randomly chosen winner.
I am certain you will savor using it just as much as I am, so please throw your hat in the ring. Truly, you are worth it.  Good luck!


  1. I would love to win the creme for myself because it's rare that I ever get to try a luxury product like this! I would love to have something that could double as a day and night cream!

  2. I would love to win this creme because I definitely need something to help with wrinkles & what not. I would also share with my mom!



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