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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Head Kandy Hair Brush Straightener Review

Head Kandy Brush Straightener

As I've said before, I love when my beauty stars align. I nearly pulled the trigger on a straightening brush called Simply Straight at Bed Bath & Beyond, but did a quick internet search and found the reviews to be mixed. Besides, how would I have fit it into my already bulging cart?  BB&Y, like Target are dangerous stores for me to enter.  I never know how much more crap stuff I don't need, till I enter them. Buyer Beware...

Three days later I received a lovely pitch asking me if I would like to sample the Head Kandy Brush Straightener from Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR asking if I would like to sample it for review.

Naturally I agreed.

I am a bit embarrassed to admit I thought the one I received was defective... I simply could not get it to turn on.  As I often reluctantly have to do, I asked my ever nimble husband, who experiences none of the technical difficulties that encompass my life, for help.  He had it going in about 6 seconds.  Why? Because he read the directions, which is about how long it took to power it up....

I would if I could, but usually I can't.  Surely there is a label for those us who are spatially challenged, have spent decades driving in circles and who believe most directions are written in Mandarin, et toi???

Well, now we were getting somewhere!  Head Kandy heats up very quickly, in fact, in under a minute. Recently, my hair stylist Sonia, refused to give me my usual hair shaping, insisting I was way over due for something new.  She was right and I told her to go for it. I'm glad I did.

Here are the details!

- Constant Heat: Max 450℉.
- Auto keep constant temperature at 365℉ for all types of hair
 (Temperature can be adjusted up or down with the touch of a button)
- Customized set 410℉ for naturally textured hair, 450℉ for thick or wavy hair, meaning you'll have effortless and efficient straightening styling.
- Ceramic Iron Straightener + Detangling Brush + Anion Head Massager.
- ANTI SCALD design means you can be worry free from burning your fingers and hands.
As recommended, I tended my locks in sections. Results are impressive and quick.  My hair did look better immediately after blow drying then when trying to tame hair that went 'pouf', after a rainy humid day. When I woke this morning it took just a few minutes to touch it up, even the hair underneath that tends to curl into dreadlocks, while I sleep.  I tend to handle brush bristles when styling my hair, but I quickly learned that if I want to, "anti scald", I best keep my hands off of them.

I'm still getting the hang of it, but with the humid Northeast summer ahead, (that will probably arrive in November,) I'm happy to have Head Kandy in my beauty arsenal.

My sister Loren, she of China doll straight hair, is always amused by these blogs, which features products for woes she has never had to tangle with. I'm thinking there are an awful lot of us out there who do...Et toi???


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  1. I purchased a refurbished unit 6 months ago and they have no warranty at all (this isn't represented on their warranty page, which states they 100% stand behind their product). This wasn't apparent when I purchased the brush and isn't currently on their warranty page. When I questioned this I was attacked by whoever runs their Facebook page. Apparently Head Kandy is run by 16 year old girls because I was told you have to be a "kind" customer to get a replacement brush. Which is a lie because they never offered me any type of discount or replacement in their initial response, I have now been blocked by their Facebook page. Great customer service. The brush itself isn't that great. I have seen and used other brushes that work a lot better.



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