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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Stila: Perfect & Correct Foundation

Stila Perfect and Correct Foundation
1 oz. $44

It's rare for me to finish any makeup product down to the last drop.  I'm extremely fickle and too much product comes my way to sample, for me not to have often, simply moved on.

I did however, use every last bit of my Stila One Step Bronzer.  It's the finishing touch to my makeup each day.  This gorgeous mix of bronze and rose fuses together in a lightweight cool gel.  I use one small pump in my palm and that sweep it over my forehead, nose, cheekbones and chin with a Kabuki brush.  It's an incredible product and oh so much more flattering than powder bronzers that look either too matte or worse, frosty.

Stila One Step Bronzer
1 oz. $36
I made a  quick stop into Sephora the other day, to replace it, when I stopped to consider if perhaps I should be buying Perfect and Correct Foundation instead. I have been using the One Step Bronzer over my Medium/Dark BB creams.  Might it be possible to get enough fake bake color with one product instead of two?

Stila Perfect and Correct Foundation comes in 8 shades.  I sampled the Tan and was happy to see it looked even and glowing, but layering it over existing makeup is never a true test.

I so appreciate Sephora's generous sampling policy.  It has helped me make good decisions and avoid expensive mistakes many times.  

I asked one of their cheerful associates if I could sample both the Medium and the Tan.  They nicely put samples in fresh, small clear containers and label them accordingly for you.  You can usually get a full week of wear out of any sample; definitely enough time to know if it's worth purchasing.

Today was another sweltering, humid day in the Northeast. Normally, I would have skipped foundation altogether, but was curious to say how Perfect and Correct looked on naked skin and how it would hold up under extreme weather conditions.

As well, I always thought of Stila as one of the more moderately priced prestige brands, on par with say Clinique.  Of late, I think they are getting a bit pricey.  I don't think $44 is a small amount to pay for an ounce of foundation, so if I am going to spring for it, it best be 'Perfect'.

I loved how it looked (poreless and finished but glowing) and felt (weightless). I definitely did not need additional bronzer, just a pop of blush. It survived the heat better than I did and looked as fresh as when I applied it, after waking up from a lovely, late afternoon nap.

Am I ready to make the switch???  Not quite yet. I will give it a workday and a weekend of wear and than decide.

Either way, it's still a win for Stila.


P.S. I asked some of my trusted colleagues if they preferred this look to my usual...No takers.  Happily, I only sampled it.  I'm not taking it either.

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