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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Organix Soothing Teatree Peppermint Cooling Body Wash

13 oz. $9.99

What a lovely product this is!  Lately, I have been disheartened reading the ingredients of most body washes. They are loaded with synthetics and sulfates.  Do I really want to use them all over my body daily?  Not really, but I am a sucker for rich, creamy lather.

Organix was more on my radar for hair care, but I was delighted when I received Soothing Teatree Peppermint Cooling Body Wash to sample.  It comes in a generous 13 oz. bottle, guaranteeing lots of luscious showers.

It has a delicious minty scent with ingredients that sound good enough to eat; peppermint extracts, sugar cane and rice milk (the teatree, willow bark and bamboo? Not so much.)  It is made without sulfates and none of Organix products are ever tested on animals.

As I finally eeked out the last drops of 'STPCBW' last night, I knew I would be looking to happily replace it on my own.

I was delighted when I did a little online research and found out how well priced it is. was offering it at 20% off for $7.99. Considering the size, quality and good for you ingredients, I think it's a fabulous buy, perhaps a little pricier than typical drugstore fare, but far less than the next tier of niche brand organics.

I look forward to dipping into other products from the Organix pool in the future.
Naturally, I will keep you posted...

Happy and safe 4th to all,


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