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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Makeup Alley's App: We Need This

Makeup Alley's App

Today I went to CVS specifically to purchase a Physician's Formula  Organic Wear 100% natural mascara that my friend Linda Levy was gushing about.  Today I saw her lashes and I had to control myself from dashing out of work, immediately, to purchase it. (Check back for my review tomorrow.  Linda's lashes look insane!)

Linda frequently texts me from CVS and Sephora for recommendations.  I am the human equivalent of a Makeup Alley app to plenty of friends and family members. It is my pleasure to share my picks and pans and it text takes all of 10 seconds to reply.

But who can I ask???

It occurred to me, that if I had thought to download Makeup Alley's app to my i Phone, I could have avoided buying Maybelline's dreadful Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation on a whim.  It's already packed and ready to return. It has the texture of wallpaper paste.

Not surprisingly, the claque of unbiased, unpaid Makeup Alley "members", panned it universally.

I frequently check Makeup Alley and Sephora's reviews to see how users rate products I have purchased. I don't know why it strikes me as remarkable that women sit and write about their purchases on these sites at length, when in fact, I do the same thing in Blog form almost everyday.

Nevertheless, I am influenced by both rave and rotten reviews.  Now that I have downloaded Makeup Alley's easy to navigate app on my phone I can easily avoid poor picks and opt for items with better ratings, saving me both time and money.

I'm looking forward to using it on my next outing.  Technology is a beautiful thing.
I highly recommend you do the same...until of course there is a DivaDebbi app to replace it with.


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