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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spa-tacular II: Equinox Greenwich

Equinox Greenwich Ct.
Mother's Day  is just around the corner.  I'm always surprised at how clueless men can be about what to buy their wives for MD.   For what's its worth, no man, currently married with children, has a way out of a gift.  The old, "but she's not my mother" has zero credibility.

IMO, (besides jewelry), one of the nicest gifts you can give or get is a gift certificate to a soothing and luxurious spa.  It really is a twofer; an opportunity to be pampered and the alone time to enjoy it.

When it comes to spas, I am as picky as they come.  I am only happy if it is immaculate, modern, luxe, supplied with cutting edge products and staffed with expertly trained aestheticians and masseuses.  Paradise has finally been found...

An elegantly appointed treatment room- Equinox Greenwich

Until Equinox opened in Greenwich, Ct., a little over a year ago, I had been hard pressed to find that kind of experience in my area.  If I am not a hotel guest, it is unlikely that I will visit their spa.  If it's housed in a mall, I'm already not feeling it, (I have a knack for losing my car).

There is the perception that to visit the Equinox Spa, you must be a member...simply false, but nicely,when you do book treatments you are invited to make use of all the facilities for the day. Their spa menu is extensive, but well honed.

Equinox Greenwich recently celebrated their one year anniversary and provided upgrades to all the treatments booked that day.  This sounded too good to pass up. I juggled my schedule to enjoy and 80 minute massage with my regular Masseuse Denise Liquore  and a collagen facial with Spa Manager Danielle Cervi, who also expertly shaped my brows.

Denise has been honing her skills for the last 13 years and was recently awarded the distinction of Master Masseuse, having completed additional special training through Equinox.  When she was finished, I was relaxed as a noodle.

Danielle had been instrumental in getting the prestigious June Jacobs Spa Collection to Equinox and in her expert hands, I enjoyed different products that utilized cucumbers, cranberries and Pumpkin enzymes.  After she was through with my collagen mask, my skin appeared simultaneously dewy and taut.  I left bare faced...applying makeup afterwards would have felt like a sacrilege.

So my lovelies, if printing this blog and slipping it under your husband's pillowcase seems too bold, you can always treat yourself. Equinox is running some terrific Mother's Day Specials (203-863-0070) or any time you decide you want some pampering, mention DivaDebbi  at the Greenwich spa and you will enjoy 15% off your first service.

Have yourself a Happy you day.  Who deserves it more???


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