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Friday, April 27, 2012

Updating your L.B.D. This Season

 The powers that be at the website Womens Voices for Change, Dr. Patricia Allen and Style Editor Stacey Bewkes have been enjoying my Polyvore creations.  As such, they nicely asked me to create some vignettes for their Fashion Friday's column.  Here is a reprint:

About a month ago, we discovered that Fashion Friday friend Debbi O’Shea had started creating fabulous fashion vignettes on her site DivaDebbi. We thought it would be fun to invite her to create some for us, showing us ways to update for this spring season the little black dress we all have hanging in our closets. We will let Debbi explain her discovery. —Ed.

I recently stumbled upon Polyvore, a website that allows users to create and share their fashion whims with like-minded fashionistas. Not surprisingly, I’m addicted to creating outfits; it reminds me of my favorite pastime Colorforms from years past.

For the three occasions outlined, below, I chose a classic Moschino Cheap & Chic cotton crepe “Pencil” dress ($495 at This dress’s elegant style, weight, and price point was a perfect foil for different style options

Black-Tie Wedding: Unless the bride specifically requests a certain style, I would be much happier adding this spectacular lace Valentino coat to my wardrobe than another gown to hang idly in my closet. I loved the jolt the ruby satin shoes add. Makeup, too, should be thought of as an accessory. A red lip would be a must, “paired” with the earrings.

Business Breakfast: I like my work wardrobe to have a lot of flexibility, both seasonally and functionally. A perfect example is the Rachel Zoe caramel leather jacket and scarf. It looks polished, but less predictable than a blazer, worn over the black sheath dress and paired with nude patent pumps. For the weekend, pair that jacket, scarf, and cuff with white skinny jeans, a white tank, an Hermes belt, and a pair of espadrilles for perfect casual chic.

Graduation Luncheon: Understated elegance. Peplums are having a moment . . . coincidentally started by Moschino last fall. Going forward, expect to see a lot of them. I adore the crispness of this ivory Alexander McQueen jacket and popping it with lime accesories. Of course a vintage Chanel quilted chain bag can be counted on to add a bit of je ne sais quoi to any outfit . . .

What is my definition of “investment dressing”? Multi- tasking, timeless items, like LBDs that can be dressed up, down, or worn year round. Intelligent fashion—not for Dummies. And when you have a moment, take a whirl around Polyvore—you might just find some fashionable inspiration!



  1. I loved your blog to begin with, but with the addition of your Polyvore outfits it's spectacular!!!

  2. That is very, very kind of you. I hope other readers feel as you do...I'm a tad obsessed--for now!


  3. I want those green earrings Debi! Do tell me that they are expensive reproductions which means cheap but looking good!

    We loved the LBD post at and beg you to do a LWD series for us this week...puhleeze? I am just mad for your Polyvore sensations and your great taste.

    Dr. Pat

  4. OMG Dr. Pat, I am so honored, since I am dazzled by your impeccable taste, as well. Of course I will! Theme please?

    The earrings are a fantastic "cheap and cheerful" DivaDebbi find. I am delighted to report they are $49 at

    Here's the link:





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