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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sonia Kashuk: Is Perfecting Luminous Foundation Perfect?

Sonia Kushak Perfecting
Luminous Foundation
Target Stores
I try not to visit Target all that often...It's not that I don't like Target--I love it, but something happens when I enter one.  It's like Alice slipping down the rabbit hole.  Once I'm in, there is no telling when I'm coming out.

All of my senses are overwhelmed as I weave my red cart, in a daze from aisle to aisle.  Naturally, I make a long pit stop in the cosmetics area.  I want to like Sonia Kashuk's products.  I appreciate her palette choices, the sleek packaging and I could never quibble about the price points.

Maybe I've just been less than lucky with my previous picks.

I have decided, to try to avoid bronzing powder if possible.  I find it too drying and mattifying.  I also don't like to see powder settling into fine lines...bad enough to have them, why would I want to accentuate them by making them cocoa?

Hence, I have broken the cardinal foundation rule:  Never apply foundation that is darker than  your natural complexion.  The thing is I don't really know what my, "natural complexion" is anymore...

Because I use self tanner daily, I really do need to go at least 3 shades darker just to match my neck.  Did I dare purchase "Camel" the deepest of all the offerings?

Yes. I did.

I mixed it in my palm, with a touch of Garnier Beauty Balm in Medium/Deep and applied it with my Shiseido Foundation Brush. My skin looked even, dewy and camel.  Here is how Sonia Kushak describes her part of my potion.

Instantly brighten dull skin and even out skin tone with this creamy foundation. The hydrating formula is infused with a moisturizing complex containing amino acids, sugar derivatives and urea; which replenishes the skin and illuminates the complexion for a naturally flawless finish. Buildable formula to achieve medium to high coverage and is recommended for all skin types. 

In truth, I should have taken their word that "Camel" would in fact, be "Camel" is strongly yellow based.  I don't regret trying it...I think I  may be onto something with the idea of abandoning bronzing powder and using a deeply hued foundation or tinted moisturizer in it's place.  I just need to nail down the shade.

***UPDATE:  I tried Perfecting Luminous Foundation on Mother's Day, over my new Korres Anti-Ageing Primer  and without mixing it with any other product;

 1) Camel was the perfect choice for a fake tan without bronzing powder. 

2)  I found it to be every bit as dewy and luminous as the best foundations I use Giorgio Armani, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown, at a fraction of the price.

This is a keeper Girls...


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