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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: Elite Premier Creme Clinical Skin Therapy

4.0 oz $65.00
When I was contacted by Dr. Kevin L. Schewe's Public Relations team, they were specifically targeting their Elite Therapeutic's Elite Premium Creme as absolution for sun ravaged skin.

As a Radiological Oncologist, Dr. Schewe knew that if his formulas had helped his radiation patients heal, these luxurious creams would be quite effective at repairing sun damaged skin resulting from UV exposure and environmental pollution for everyone else.

17 years ago, when I went through radiation treatment for my stage 1 breast cancer,  I did experience some fairly severe burns, which required me to stop treatment for a few days.  Overall, I was lucky to heal well, but parts of my radiated breast did have a slight puckering, almost like an orange peel and a certain "thinness" to it as well as scarring.  Oh well.

I knew Dr. Schewe was treating his current patients and having great success with Elite Premiere Creme Clinical Skin Therapy. I  was however, particularly intrigued that he thought it would still improve my skin all these years later.  I was politely skeptical, but deeply hopeful, that there would be some improvement.

I have been using Elite Premium Creme for about 3 weeks now, twice daily as directed, and for my own records, have been taking pictures.  I am completely in awe over the improvement in my skin!!!  The scars have faded, the texture is smoother and the skin is plumper.  Do I think this is a miracle creme???

Ya. I do...and I couldn't be more grateful

I can't wait to show my results to my Breast Surgeon, Dr. Andrew Ashikari and my Plastic Surgeon, Dr. C. Andrew Salzberg.  I think they will be amazed and I will encourage them both to share Dr. Schewe's website with their patients as well.

Here is more information about Dr. Schewe, his mission and Elite Premier Creme:

Professional Strength Vitamin E Products from Board Certified Radiation Oncologist Kevin L. Schewe, MD, FACRO

"I spared no expense in designing this line of products. All the ingredients were hand-picked for specific purposes. I know these products work exceptionally well for my patients and believe they will help anyone looking for a superior line of skin care products. I am excited for the world to discover and experience Elite Therapeutics."
Product Description:

Clinical Skin Therapy

It's nothing short of a miracle crème.( I concur 100%) In fact, while we cannot say it will change your life, it will change the fate of your skin. This rich concentration of nature's most rare vitamins, botanicals and extracts, all working in conjunction with Elite Therapeutics' proprietary blends and complexes, perfectly combine to form the basis for what is the Crème de la Crème of all skin care products.

Sea Whip Extract, derived from deep within the Caribbean Sea, holds magical yet real skin healing properties, while luxe, African Mongongo Oil nourishes, renews and feeds the skin. Infused further with the scientifically proven mega-ingredients EUK-134, DMS and Beracare ARS, this all-powerful treatment will literally transform ravaged skin upon application. Housed within a lightweight, yet sophisticated base, this complex will melt into your skin upon contact while remaining hard at work for long-term, long-lasting results thanks to Dr. Schewe's advanced deep delivery-system. Natural Vitamin E and Manuka Honey rich, as with all Elite Therapeutics products, there is no other skin care experience that can compare to the beauty of extreme luxury and healing like that of this modern skin care marvel.


Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free, Fragrance-Free, 97% Natural Ingredients, Physician Formulated

Elite Therapeutics has other products including a Face and Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Deodorant, Lip Balm and his Anti-Aging Treatment Elite Platinum Creme, (naturally I am dying to try this).  There are also wonderful customer review and testimonials, which I intend to contribute to.

Net-net my lovelies, if this product does such good things for skin that was so deeply damaged, in such a short time, can you imagine the possibilities for sun damaged or simply aging skin???

Potentially, The Fountain of Youth!

Here's hoping...


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