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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Review: Abbey St. Clare's Green Tea Scruffing Milk Cleanser

Abbey St. Clare
Green Tea Scruffing Milk Cleanser
$26.50  6.7 Fl. oz.

From time time, I hear from smaller, esoteric skincare companies.  Often, their products are organic and are loaded with ingredients that sound good enough to eat.  I had never heard of Abbey St. Clare but when they asked me if I would review their website and see if there was something I would like to sample for review, my curiosity was piqued.

I was surprised to see a more full service website than I envisioned.  Abbey St. Clare dedicates itself to skin wellness and extends that philosophy to mineral based makeup, hair care and aromatic oils and elixirs, all affordably priced.

 I am always interested in new facial cleansers and I do tend to prefer ones that exfoliate.  When I spotted Green Tea Scruffing Milk Cleanser, and saw if contained my faves, glycolic and lactic acids, I didn't have to look any further.  Here is how it is described: 
Green Tea Scruffing Milk Cleanser is a moisturizing 90% organic cleanser made with green tea and rooibos tea extracts that cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish the skin. Moisturizing jojoba beads and glycolic and lactic acids provide a balanced exfoliating action to remove dead surface cells and improve surface texture by encouraging the regeneration of smooth, new, healthy skin.

The combined action of the jojoba beads, AHA’s, and Vitamin C help even out discolored skin tones. Mechanical exfoliation, along with regular use of a masque, is the most effective means to obtain that youthful glow that is often lost with aging or damaged skin.

Additional uses:

· Excellent used in the shower as a body smoothing treatment. (Agreed).

· Gently rub over lips to exfoliate dry skin and produce a smooth lip surface. (It does).

· Regular use on the back on your hands will produce ultra smooth skin and help eliminate age spots.  (Let's hope so)
I adore the creamy texture and since I am partial to exfoliators, do not mind that the jojoba beads.  For some, they may be a tiny bit rough, so it's best to follow the directions they recommend:

Best used one to three times weekly. Avoid the eye area. Use circular motions over the surface of the skin on the face. Use long, vertical strokes on the neck and shoulders, moving your hands up and out. Concentrate on areas of concern: scars, hyperpigmentation, or wrinkles. Rinse gently and repeatedly with a wet face cloth. Apply a spritz of soothing rose hydrosol or a tonic rinse, followed by your skin treatment of choice.

It is possible to over-exfoliate. Use a gentle touch to begin with. Limit usage to suit your skin’s needs. Excellent for use anywhere on the body.

Green Tea Scruffing Milk Cleanser removes every drop of makeup and leaves my skin glowing.  A little seems to go a long way, but I will definitely be replacing it when I run out.
That officially, is a rave.

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