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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review: Neutrogena's Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads

$6.99- $9.99 (apparently, depending on the rent per square foot of your local drugstore)
(I just want to first put out there, that I am getting a wee cranky about seeing every product I buy priced at least 30% less on the manufacturers website or at retailers in other geographic locations.  NO FAIR.)

I am in search of a great eye makeup remover.  I was hopeful that I would find it in Neutrogena's New Extra Gentle Makeup Remover Pads.  

I am still in search of a great eye makeup remover.
I would rate them a 7.0  Here's what I liked:
  • The pads are large and plush
  • One can be used for both eyes (but it is a sorry looking mess afterwards)
  • It's not oily and doesn't leave any residue
  • It has a light, reasonably pleasant smell
  • It easily removed all of my eye shadow
Here's what I didn't:
  • The pads are fairly dry. If I felt that way with pad 1, not sure how moist it would feel at pad 30
  • It did not remove all of my waterproof mascara (Benefit's They're Real) completely, (though in fairness I think only Crisco in the blue can could accomplish this feat)
  • They are fairly expensive.  At $10 buck a month in my neck of the woods for 30 pads, that's $120 a year on eye makeup remover. I am not sold.
So my lovelies...What have you got for me???  Bear in mind two things please: 
1) I don't like oily removers
2) I equate spending money on this mundane maintenance item to having my gutters cleaned.

I would rather spend it on something else, so I'm not looking to buy a prestige remover in the $30 price range.

Your suggestions are most welcome! I'm all ears.

And eyes...



  1. hi debbi,
    i love an all-in-one makeup remover that takes off facial and eye makeup efficiently. for many years i used georgette klinger's liquid makeup remover
    which was light, not greasy, but somehow did the job perfectly. they have since closed all their stores and discontinued their products.
    i have been on a mad hunt for the perfect all-in-one makeup remover for the last year.
    so far, none of the remover pads have impressed me. they just don't seem to clean it all off. kiehl's makes a good one, but i'd rate it only a 7 out of 10. my favorite one right now_ i love it_ is eve lom. it comes with a cloth to remove the cream after putting it all over your face. it smells good, feels good (i have super sensitive, reactive skin), does the job, leaves my skin supple and moist and looking healthy.
    it is somewhat greasy (or feels that way, although it is water soluble). maybe the principle of removing grease with grease is at work here?
    it's worth a try!!!
    please let me know what you think.

  2. Thank you Sylvia! I will check out their website. Eve Lom sounds familiar.

    Two friends emailed me as well, though neither are waterproof mascara wearers. One suggested Cetaphil and the other Dove Soap or Lancome's Bi-Facil.

    I used an updated favorite today, CoverGirls Lash Exact in Voluminous. I am growing weary of fighting with my Benefit They're Real every night.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi there thanks for your useful post. My skin is really very sensitive for which it is difficult to find a good remover for my skin. I have been using Comodynes which is pretty good for my skin. A makeup artist of a make up school recommended me this makeup remover. Now I will try with Neutrogena for some days. If it works well I will be using this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am warming up to them, but I do wish the pads were infused with a lot more remover. I added some of my liquid Neutrogena remover to them. That shouldn't be necessary!

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