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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Everyday, I receive dozens of  emails about product updates and new launches from my P.R. contacts in the beauty industry. I always appreciate being kept in the loop, even if I don't request to sample them.

 I have long been a fan of Nexxus hair care. The first time I used Nexxus Humectress Shampoo and Conditioner, I was awed by how quickly my hair sucked up the moisture and how shiny and manageable it was after blow drying. That was many years ago and I have purchased this powerhouse, tried and true duo dozens of times, because it works so well on my thick, slightly wavy hair.  Everyday, I also spritz my hair with Nexxus Dualiste Daily Leave-In Conditioning Spray.  It replenishes and protects my color but never weighs it down.  When I received this email, with some great suggestions for improving the condition of your hair, while you sleep from famed stylist and Nexxus Creative Director Kevin Mancuso, I  knew I would both try them  myself and share them with you.

"We all know how important it is to get our beauty rest, but do you make the most out of your 8 hours? No longer limited to warding off under-eye circles, beauty sleep can actually improve the appearance of your hair as well!  Maximize you overnight beauty benefits with a few simple before-bed tricks that will have you waking up with  a gorgeous mane come morning".

“A successful haircare regimen means you should treat your hair at all hours of the day and night, not just when you are awake. What you do to your hair overnight can make a big difference in its overall condition, not to mention, save you precious time in the morning.” – Kevin Mancuso, Nexxus Creative Director

Tip #1: Mend ends while you sleep
· Suffering from split ends? Repair them while you sleep with Nexxus ProMend Split End Binding Overnight Treatment ($14.99). The revolutionary product binds up to 94% of split ends back together in just one use to dramatically strengthen hair against future damage and leave you with a healthy, fresh-cut look in the morning.  (I don't think I have any split ends...but just in case--I'm in)!!!

Tip #2: Put less stress on hair (and yourself)!
Give hair a rest from daily heat styling by twisting damp hair into a loose bun before you go to bed. Allow hair to air dry while you sleep and let it down in the morning to reveal soft, tousled waves. This styling trick will loosen tighter curls, add bend to stick straight hair and minimize breakage. (I'll try this one over the weekend, thank you).

Tip #3: Condition, condition, condition
Spritz hair with a light moisturizer like Nexxus Humectress Luxe Ultimate Moisturizing Leave-in Spray ($10.55) before bed. Ingredients like Vitamin E, Coconut Oil, and Honey Extract will penetrate hair overnight to seal in strength and intense hydration for softer, shinier strands. (I never thought to do this and this offering from the Humectress line has my name all over it).

Tip #4 Sleep on a satin pillowcase
Switch out your classic cotton pillowcase for a silky satin one. Not only will satin preserve your style better and prevent tangles, but it also helps to keep hair hydrated. For an added beauty boost, slip a cooling pillow into the case. The endothermic gel technology will keep your head cool all night and prevent you from sweating or waking up overheated. (I'm not clear what a "cooling pillow" is, but I want one STAT).

I hope you enjoyed these tips.  Now you, me and Kevin's other clients, Natalie, Blake and Anne, (Portman, Lively and Hathaway) all have a little something, something in common. 

Here's to good hair days and nights.



  1. I am truly addicted to your blog... And looked pretty while doing so.

    Now I have to find a Nexxus representative in France!

  2. I am honored and intrigued! I am going to look at your blog this instant!


  3. Oh these all sound right up my hair-alley! I used to love Humectress too, I remember using it in the 80s to help my poor fried permed (!!!) hair. The Overnight Treatment and the Luxe leave in spray both have my name on them! Thanks!

  4. I have used the entire pro-mend line from Nexxus and loved the results!! All of the products smell a bit like cotton candy to me (which I personally love), and I really do think they make a difference. Even if your hair doesn't have split ends (mine doesn't at the moment), the pro-mend line works great as a preventative measure to ensure your hair does not break and split in the future. Especially love the heat protect spray as well from this line!

  5. Jane,
    Nexxus was my first notch up into better hair care. I remember being amazed at the difference. I still believe the quality of these products are phenomenal for the price. Sometimes back to basics are best!

    Thanks for telling us about your experience with Pro mend. Good to know you think it is worthwhile using for prevention and to strengthen the hair.




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