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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Diana; Then and Now

I don't know about you, but I am still reeling from Tina Brown's audacious bid to get us all a buzz and a twitter over photo shopping a digitally morphed Princess Diana, strolling beside her new D-I-L,  on the cover of Newsweek. Love it or hate it, newly rung in Editor Tina Brown got the job done, and she always does. We are tawking about it, aren't we???  The last time I spoke of a Newsweek cover was hmmmmm...never?!  How about you???

The above photo, was taken in 1997. Diana was 36 and at the height of her beauty.  She was blonder. Chicer. Sleeker. Sexier. And more confident then ever. This is how I always remember her in my minds eye.

Naturally, I couldn't wait to see how Diana had "aged" and 'fess up, you couldn't either.  I looked at this picture with a combination of relief and sadness...Still beautiful, still a tragic loss, for her sons, for her country, for her causes. 

Do I think Diana would have embraced all the tools in Madonna's anti-aging kit in pursuit of maintaining her youthful beauty?  Yeah, I do.  I think aging is even tougher on those who are iconic beauties, competing with the ghosts of their earlier selves.

Did Tina do Diana justice, in imagining how her life would have evolved over the last 14 years?  I think she probably hit the mark in some of her assertions; still a gym rat, still a humanitarian, still involved with her "boys" and yes, I believe IPhone in hand, that she would have embraced technology and social media.  The rest?  The nuts and bolts of her life?  Not mine to say and in my opinion, not Tina's either.

What did you think???...Tasteful or tacky???



  1. I don't like it and I think magazines like Newsweek should leave the photo shopping to fashion magazines! - just my opinion. Thanks for the close up pic....would rather remember her at 36! ~ Kim

  2. Awful. The Duchess of Cambridge doesn't need this nonsense and neither do we. Diana's life ended at 36 and we should remember her for the person she was, and not indulge in silly conjecture of this nature.
    rah!!! X x

  3. I agree with the other commenters - yellow journalism at its worst! I can't believe Newsweek let Tina Brown stoop to this level. It's an embarrassment to a news magazine of this stature.

  4. Seeing Diana on the cover is both sad and beautiful. Forget about selling magazines--TB is brilliant at that--what it did was inspire me to think of Diana and her causes, her humanitarianism, her girlishness. It also made me grateful that I am alive to witness and guide my children into the wonderful adults they are becoming.

    I didn't get past the cover-- didn't buy the issue. So I can't intelligently comment about the content of the article. But at first blush, I find the idea of it endearing and wistful-- not tacky at all. IF ONLY. WHAT IF. We use those words so often. It is sad to think about what the lovely Diana has missed and reminds me how fortunate I am to have a future.

  5. Tina Brown is the worst kind of pimp.

  6. I recall her wedding, the births of her boys, and of course that awful night. I prefer to remember her for who she was while she was here. Watching Will & Kate get married made me hope she was watching from somewhere. And that Newsweek cover is an embarrassment I'm sure she wouldn't lower herself to look twice at...



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