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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

By Terry By Diva

I have had the opportunity to try some of the most cutting edge (and expensive) skin care products on the market since starting my Blog in March of 2008.  I won't exactly claim to be aging backwards, but my skin is in truly excellent condition, despite the ticking clock. I use to buy all of my skin care at the drug store.  I also bought into the theory that  my extra money was going towards beautiful packaging, not more effective anti-aging products....I no longer believe that's true. The good stuff is better.

Does the same hold true for makeup???  Pretty much! I have always wanted to try By Terry, the elegant, innovative, cult favorite makeup by Terry de Gunzburg.   Here is how the collection is described on Barney's website:

By Terry was launched in 2001 by Terry de Gunzburg, a seasoned expert in beauty and skincare with a creative background in make-up design at Yves Saint Laurent. In developing her own brand and beauty concepts, Terry focuses on enhancing the luminosity of the skin and building around the principles of fashion. By Terry products are unique in both presentation and expression, exploring rich pigments in jewel-like packages.  Ka-ching Baby!!!

Seeing the exquisite display of Terry's "jewel"s at Bloomingdale's made me stop in my tracks and blink in disbelief...I felt the exact same way when I saw Eiffel Tower, but I'm a little nuts that way.  A sighting of By Terry's famed Baume de Rose, a lip treatment whose benefits are discussed among its legion of fans in hushed whispers, made my knees buckle.  How much does it cost??? About 30 Chapsticks.  Isn't is pretty though???

Naturally, I had to try it.  It can be used alone as a lip treatment, or on top of your lipstick to add a kick of moisture and a delicate light reflecting shine. Guh-guh-guh-gorgeous!!!  Surprisingly, she did not have any lipsticks or glosses in my favored hue of nude rose, a mixed blessing because I knew I wasn't leaving without something and figured that was my best shot at an entry price point.  Next I spied her Cream Velvet Blush in Apple Glow,  a lightweight, wisp of cream that left the apples of my cheeks looking naturally flushed, the way my cheeks do after 43 minutes of Zumba.  Should I spend $43 buck and just fake it from now on?  I held firm, convinced that in my Kimara-Bobbi-Laura Mercier stash, I must have the identical shade...sadly not.  It's only a matter of time before I go crawling back.  When does obsession become addiction?  I don't think I really want to know the answer...but does anyone know what gold is going for an ounce these days???!!!

What did I end up with?  By Terry Light Expert, a portable, hyaluronic acid infused, plumping foundation, that can be used on bare skin or over makeup.  I went with the deepest shade, #7 in Toffee, since it perfectly mimics a glowing natural tan, while blurring imperfections.  She does make another product for this purpose...Bronze Opulent Golden Glow.  It's $127 which made me feel frugal and happy with my choice in comparison.

What about you Girls???  Do you think there is a difference between luxury, high end makeup and the best drugstore offerings and if so, are you willing to pay for that difference?  I'd love to know...



  1. I am yet to try by terry...but having bought my first Chantecaille it is now only a matter of time! That blush and the baume de rose will be my first stop when I can get to a counter next month.

    I think I've always believed that high end is better but it is only as I enter my forties that I can afford to test out that theory, before that I bought what I could afford from the drugstore and lowered my expectations accordingly.

    Now I enjoy my gorgeous packaging and I have to say I have not been disappointed with the performance of expensive brands, and I expect a LOT.

    In short, I agree with you! X

  2. I do think there is a huge difference in luxury versus drugstore products. I am more than willing to pay for the difference.

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  3. Thanks Girls!
    You make me feel better.
    Munichjoolz, I agree. I have NEVER been disappointed with the quality of high end product...There is a subtle but definite difference in the quality and how it applies and feels. Chantecaille?! Be still my heart. That's next on my hit parade...

  4. I haven't tried any By Terry but I've certainly read a lot about the products. I do use other high end lines though and willingly pay the difference between them and drug store products.

  5. I've tried a few by Terry products - one of my staples is the hyaluronic eye primer. I agree completely about the Cream velvet blush - light without being too shimmery. I've had mixed results with the rose de rose liquid blush, however. A little goes a LONG way, and this is one of those very shimmery products that could very well make you look like a Studio 54 exile who never recovered...

  6. Thanks for the heads up! I have never been that successful with liquid blushes. They tend to dry quickly and if you muck it up, it's hard to correct. I love eye primers. I think they are terrific for helping to ensure smooth, long wearing eyemakeup. I will keep this one in mind1




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