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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Singing Cindy's Praises- Instant Results Microdermbrasion

In my quest to find the best anti-aging skin care for the face and body, I do a lot of tooling around on the Internet.  It does frustrate me how neglected I think the body is in terms of affordable, head to toe products that don't just moisturize and smell good, but treat as well.  This is how I happened upon Cindy Jackson's website. Cindy is a celebrity in her fact she has her own entry in the Guinness Book of World Records .  Do you know why?
Cindy is a Mensa scholar, author and beauty expert.  She also has had 52 cosmetic procedures and rather than copping to, "Oh, yes. I get Botox twice a year", she spills all and shares her expertise on achieving her own personal beauty goals on how she transformed herself from a small town Midwest girl to a well known woman about town on the London social scene.

 And she commands respect: Here is what  Dr. Darrick.E. Antell, MD, FACS,. a leading Park Avenue surgeon and Spokesman for  the American Society of Plastic Surgeons had to say about Cindy's book,  CINDY JACKSON'S IMAGE AND COSMETIC SURGERY SECRETS:

"This is perhaps the single most concise and well-written book I have ever seen directed towards cosmetic surgery patients.  I would recommend this book to anyone considering cosmetic surgery."

Vogue endorses it too, as the ultimate guide.  If I were contemplating Plastic Surgery, I would download this book on my Kindle in a nano...

In the interim, what did catch my attention, was finding out what Cindy uses on her face and body to maintain all of her hard work.  I personally think she looks beautiful and  years younger than when she started on her quest to change what she was unhappy with at 24.  The answer?  Instant Results Microdermabrasion, which she developed herself, after years of not being satisfied with what was available for home use and paying for expensive salon treatments.  Here is how it is described on her website (I would edit it, but I think every word is relevant):

A highly-effective resurfacing system to refine and renew the skin utilising a perfect balance of natural minerals, anti-oxidant vitamins and plant botanicals. Massage onto the skin in the bath or shower 2 - 3 times a week. (NOTE: Those with very sensitive skin should start out using light pressure when applying INSTANT RESULTS MICRODERMABRASION, gradually building up both the pressure applied and the amount of time it is massaged onto the skin. You have complete control of the treatment at all times.) Ingredients include:
Natural micro particles to enhance microdermabrasion process
Anti-oxidant vitamin complex
Herbal extracts of rosehip & chamomile to soothe
Plant botanicals Comfrey, Aloe Vera and vegetable glycerine to hydrate
Natural Wild Berry Essences to aid exfoliation and cell renewal
How and Why I Created These Unique New Skincare Products
I've enjoyed the benefits of regular head-to-toe Microdermabrasion in various forms for many years and I wanted to develop the very best home microdermabrasion products that were pure and effective that I could use myself. Now I'm delighted to share my personal secrets for healthy, young-looking skin that glows with vitality.
What exactly is Microdermabrasion? It's basically exfoliation of the top outer layer of the skin. It resurfaces and rejuvenates skin in a way that the surgeon's scalpel or face creams cannot. Below are some of the benefits of regular Microdermabrasion:
Removes dull, dead skin cells
Reveals fresh, younger-looking skin
Visibly smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
Improves appearance of scars and acne
Reduces sun damage and uneven pigmentation
Helps minimise pore size and other imperfections
Stimulates production of new skin cells
Promotes firmer and younger-looking skin
I tried several sessions of machine-based microdermabrasion in various salons and clinics but found them incredibly time-consuming and expensive, with prices starting at around £50 per single session. There are approximately 20 applications in each 150 ml tube of INSTANT RESULTS MICRODERMABRASION.
Over the years I also must have tried every home microdermabrasion cream and exfoliating scrub on the market hoping to find an alternative I could use 2-3 times a week year in and year out. I could not find a single one that was effective on the level I required, despite some costing over £60 for as little as 50ml (compare my 150ml tube, plus luxurious moisturiser, for only £85) Many used aluminium crystals or derivatives, a key ingredient often used in salon or clinical microdermabrasion machines, while others contained chemicals that I would not dream of putting on my skin. Some were made by companies that still use animal testing. My abhorrence of cruel and unnecessary experiments on animals for cosmetic reasons is no secret.
Unable to find a suitable commercial product, I began mixing up my own recipe to use for all-over microdermabrasion. (Why stop at your face when your whole body can benefit?) I used it for years. It was my creation, it worked and I knew what was in it. People had often commented on my complexion and the smoothness of my skin and asked what I did to get it. After giving samples of my private mixture to a few friends, they all became devotees and wanted to have a constant supply. Finally one of them, a well-known model, suggested that I make it available to everyone.
It took over two years of research and development working closely with one of Europe's leading aromatherapists and an eminent biochemist to produce my INSTANT RESULTS MICRODERMABRASION formula. Needless to say, it is a vast improvement on my original homemade efforts and even more effective.
Next I needed to develop a moisturiser to nourish and protect the freshly exfoliated skin. My  VITAMIN ENRICHED MOISTURISER was specially formulated for application after using INSTANT RESULTS MICRODERMABRASION. However I also use them in place of any other moisturisers because of their purity, superior ingredients and exceptional anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties.
I've famously spent a lot of money on my face and body and I'm extremely particular about what I put into it and on it. As a vegetarian with a mainly organic diet, I won't use anything on my skin that I think could possibly be toxic to my system in the long term. My products do not contain:
Aluminium in any form
Petro-chemical derivatives
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
---Naturally, I couldn't wait to receive my samples.  I first tried the Instant Results Microdermabrasion in the shower on my body and moisturized with the delicious smelling Vitamin Enriched Moisturizer afterwards.  I now understand the catch 22 that must plague all skincare companies: Expense. How much is the consumer really willing to spend on body care? Now I know why they are often produced and discontinued.  While I could make both products cost effectively last for 20 uses on my face,  I would go through both tubes in a week...and yet my skin felt like silk!
Last night I used it on my face after carefully removing all my eye and face makeup.  I was surprised at how rough it felt on my face, but obviously can control the pressure, so I lightened up on the Reiki.
It does require a lot of rinsing, so next time I will do this in the shower.  

Who was that pretty girl in the mirror there?  Who can that attractive girl be???  WOW!  I know this seems improbable, but my skin was PERFECT.  Not a pore out of place. Rosy. Youthful.  After one use?  I know, I know...but it's true!

So, I'm still a bit stuck about the body issue.  I am using Olay's Total Effects 7 in One Body Wash and I am trying to track down the accompanying Body Lotion. It's Kim Cattrall's, "secret for firm younger-looking skin" and it comes with a money back guarantee.  Hopefully this solves my catch-22, since it is affordable and guaranteed.  Besides, it frees up my beauty budget so when I run out, I can purchase more of Instant Results Microdermabrasion,

Cindy's results took years to achieve, but fortunately she and we, can maintain them in an instant.


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