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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lip Service

There are two things that really scare me about aging; Alzheimer's and vertical lip lines.  Sadly, not much can be done about either plight.  Vertical lip lines, also called "marionette lines", can be treated with Botox, but requires a very skilled injector ditto for fillers..too much can result in  fat, flat, upper lip, reminiscent of a link sausage.  What to do???  Well, for starters prevent.  If you are a smoker, if blackened lungs don't frighten you, lined lips might. Don't start and do stop. If you do opt for injections, seek out a well qualified Dr. with a lot of experience.

When I was contacted by Your Best Face Skincare,   an independent , unisex line, that was founded in 2004 by partners Darrell Owens and Kimberly Fristed, my first response was, "do you have products that address the lip area"?.  "We most certainly do", was the reply...ahhhh!  Music to my lips ears.

I didn't know anything about YBF Skincare, so I did a little research.  YBF is successfully growing their collection and fan base, by offering products that use the most effective anti-oxidants, peptides, vitamins and botanicals. To remain cost effective, the products are highly concentrated.  Their goal is to make getting great results a joyful experience, so textures and smells are pleasant and easily absorbed.  The founders are conscientious about the power of Social Media and welcome customer feedback via Facebook and Twitter.
It all sounded positive to me and with a nod to the first paragraph, I quickly forgot all about it.

Last week, I reviewed a foundation find from By Terry.  I was so besotted with their famed lip treatment Baume de Rose, that I went back to visit it.  I hadn't noticed that in addition to the glorious pot, it was also available in a wand.  I've never stalked a cosmetic counter before, but there I was.  I chatted for awhile with the associates who all seemed passionate about By Terry too.  I left with two hefty samples before coating my lips with Baume de Rose for the road.

When I arrived home, their was a goodie package from YBF Skincare, filled with samples, plus a full size "define" and "quench", both specifically formulated for the lip area. It felt fateful that I hadn't pulled the purchase trigger on Baume de Rose...maybe better things lie fact, they did.

I have the beauty attention span of a gnat, so in a nano, it was off with the new and on with the new new. Define, ($70 .5oz)  is an anti-age cream that, "addresses unique lip area needs, such as wrinkles, suppleness, brightness and fullness.  It instantly soothes and provides peptides to fill lips and smooth lines. Anti-oxidants protect lips and help with healing, while brighteners enhance skin's color over time.  You will notice more defined, fuller, youthful looking lips.  Who can resist that"?

Not me.

Quench, ($15 .15oz.) is a "velvety smooth lip treatment that keeps your lips naturally full, bright and youthful looking.  Quench seals in moisture and prevents future damage from stress and environmental factors.

I was amazed and delighed at how plump and full my lips looked! Though there was no visible color in define and quench, they enhanced my natural lip color so much, I felt comfortable going out without lipstick for the first time since '76  Baume de what??? I'm optimistic, that with continued use, I will see even more benefits.

Who knows???  With a little luck define and quench will keep my lips lush and blogging will keep my piston's firing.

Here's hoping...


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