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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You Glow Girl

I have been hooked on using serums morning and night for over five years.  I first learned of them  from Dr. Denese on a channel 13 fundraiser.  This is what I said about her in a blog I wrote in May of 2008.  Hey!  I'm quoting me!  "Enter Dr. Denese, also a PBS celebutant. A Hungarian blond, of a certain age and a definite glow. I was so intrigued by what she was "teaching", instead of selling, that I actually took notes. Dr. Denese's skin care philosophy is backed up with a whole lotta science and boils down to 5 simple steps: 1) Cleanse 2) Tone 3) Exfoliate with glycolic acid 4) Apply a "serum" with a watery consistency to 5) Bind with an application of a "fatty" night creme. It all resonated well with me, and I follow this regimen nightly"....and still do, though I do take exception with watery.

My preferred consistency is more "gel like" than watery and never oily  From my experience, those are the ones that will leave you glowing and over the years I have tried dozens.  I am quite fond of Dr. Gerald Imber's Skin Brightener from his Youth Corridor lineSo apparently was Denise, my Skin Brightener giveaway winner, whom recently wrote to me about her experience.   Denise did notice her own great results, but when they were enthusiastically confirmed by her visiting Mom, whom she had not seen for many months, she sweetly insisted she take it home with her. It is indeed a terrific serum it's also a wee mucho dinero at $95 an ounce and Denise sadly bid it adios.

I am also a Lumene fan, a Finnish company that uses exotic botanicals in its product that are amazingly effective on the skin and the wallet.  I recently received  a sample of their Premium Beauty Rejuvenating Instant Serum.  It smells fantastic and this velvety potion left my skin as dewy and glowing as Youth Corridor's Skin Brightener.  Below are the specifics about the product, but I will cut to the chase and tell you that I did a little digging and found this on line at CVS for $22.49 with free standard shipping!

PREMIUM BEAUTY Rejuvenating Instant Serum

This effective serum helps to strengthen the skin's structure and improve its suppleness. Instantly restores the skin's natural glow: your skin feels pleasant and looks smoother and more beautiful. Nourishes and protects against the effects of ageing and pigment changes. 
Made in Finland, with Arctic sea buckthorn. a rare, handpicked berry which grows wild at the arctic sea coast. The beneficial effects have been known in nutrition for centuries. Due to a very short period of growth in the Arctic, the wild plants become more powerful than plants that are cultivated or grown in other areas of the world. Contains over 90% of natural ingredients.  Leaves the skin feeling ultra-comfortable and looking visibly smoother, velvety and more even toned. Arctic sea buckthorn + peptides for nurtured skin: activate cell regeneration and skin functions; help to reduce appearance of wrinkles; enhance the suppleness of mature skin. Paraben-free.

So Denise, it may not be free this time, but at least it's an affordable replacement for you, for me, for Mom and my readers...who knows?  Maybe even Dr. Denese.




  1. Although I am on to Cane and Austin's Retexturizing Treatment Pads and Dr. Dennis Gross' Hydro-Pure Vitamin C Brightening serum (for PM use), I think I am going to try the Lumene for my morning routine. I hope I have the same wonderful results as I did with the Dr. Imbers I won. If I do, my mother will thank you too. :)

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  2. Oh I hope so Denise! I think it's a great affordable "Parallel Universe" as Rachel Zoe would say. I also highly recommend the Brazilian Peel. I just finished my third vial and I just love the results.


  3. Wow - I can't wait to try the Lumene product. It sounds amazing and I love the story of the arctic buckthorn



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