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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Test Drives

Is it too big a leap to compare freshly colored hair to driving off the lot in a new car? All is perfect, shiny, fresh and new and you feel like a million bucks. Wouldn't it be nice if it could stay just like that???

I tend to run on about a seven week color cycle, cheating mid way with a liberal dousing of Clairol's Root Kit. Christopher, at Warren Tricomi in Greenwich has been brilliantly dressing my tresses for almost 12 years now. I love that we still start every sit down with a mini consult, nothing taken for granted...I had been hearing some buzz lately about new products and wondered if any of them might be right to test drive on my hair. First I wanted to know if there was any hope that I could get away with a single process and if the greys would read as highlights. In a word, NO! BUT, Chris would love to try L'Oreal Professionel's new ammonia-free Inoa on me.

Fabulous! Tell me more. "Inoa" stands for "Innovation No Ammonia", L'Oreal's revolutionary ammonia-free hair colorant, that debuted in Europe and is now making it's way into top Salons in the U.S. Rather than using ammonia to open up the hair cuticle to accept color, Inoa uses an oil-based delivery system to drive color into the cuticle. There seems to be zero downside; it performs without smell, burning or itching. It covers grey and can lift color up to three shades and it improves with continued use. Christopher pledged that after 9 uses, my hair would be as smooth and healthy as it was before I colored it!!!

Do ya think that includes Sun-In when I was twelve???

Of course I was game. Since it is oil-based, you will have to sit without steam, to speed things up, for a half hour...a small price to pay for all those benefits.

Results??? C'est Magnifique!!! Gleaming. New car pretty. Yet unlike a new car, that it will soon meet its fate in the supermarket parking lot, my hair with Inoa will only get better.

Do ask your colorist about Inoa during your next visit. This is coming awfully closing to aging backwards...I'll take that over a new car any day.

Love you Christopher!!!


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