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Monday, May 24, 2010


Back in May of 2008, I Blogged about my misery about getting squeezed out of the opportunity to attend the Sex and the City premiere and after-party, with my Darling Pal Linda Levy, (Grumpy in Greenwich 5/26/08). The one thing I was smart enough to remember, despite my fog of envy, was to call dibs on SATC2.

Well Girls, nearly two years to the date, I will be spending the night in my Barbie Dream House, attending both the SATC2 Radio City premiere and after-party at Lincoln Center.

Tune in tomorrow for a full report on who was fab, who was fat and who had too much filler. Pictures, naturally. My adrenaline is already pumping. I will exercise control and not fist pump, I promise.

Dibs, a beautiful, working concept.


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