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Monday, May 17, 2010

Copper Tones

Relastin, is one of those niche web based anti-aging brands, that has developed a cult following, particularly Eye Silk, which just won coveted Allure Editor's Choice Award.

My three favorite things about Relastin is 1) There are only three products in the whole line 2) It has a rich, gel like texture, that feels delicious going on 3) The stuff works.

I received a sample of Relastin that is appropriate for all skin types and can be used day or night. I used it twice a day on my neck and every night before bed. Relastin's key firmer is zinc and according to the Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons who reviewed it, does effectively penetrate the dermis, to generate new elastin fibers. That's a good thing, since those puppies stopped regenerating themselves on the very same afternoon, that you switched from a maxi-pad to a Jr. Tampon. Conclusion: If elastin is responsible for making skin smooth and taut, we need this.

Relastin is appropriate for all ages. The Ultra Emollient cream, has additional vitamins, anti-oxidants and is also suitable as any eye cream, though I would imagine it would best be used at night, if it is richer.

I am a firm believer in firm. Relastin's developers apparently are too. I'm not saying you could bounce a quarter off my larynx, but very possibly, you might.


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