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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Killer Shoes

You can't really dress for the Sex in the City 2 Premiere without giving strong consideration to your feet. Shoes after all, carried there own story line with Carrie and the Girls, in many an episode, (who could have forgotten the foot fetishist, who was willing to give Charlotte deep discounts, in exchange for a little nuzzling)?

Despite my own menagerie of MB's and evening shoes, (as well as my friend Angela's), nothing looked fierce enough, to hold its own with the one shouldered, metal striped Robert Rodriguez cocktail dress and Charles Chang Lima coat I planned to wear. What did I need??? What else???... Killer Shoes.

The shoes I found, had the illusion of comfort in the store, despite a 4.5 inch heel and enough elastic to strap a mattress to a car roof. How did I really feel about wearing unworn shoes to an important event? Dicey. We have all been there...your shoes feel fine in your bedroom and O.K. in the car. but somewhere in the middle of the Cocktail hour, you are blinded with tears from searing foot pain. Killer Shoes.

I remembered I had received a sample of Polly. Polly was founded by Christina Klein, a self described "shoe fanatic". Polly is a, "foot primer", that you swipe on to block blisters, in all the usual places. The beeswax base is infused with grapeseed oil that glides on easily. Not leaving anything to chance, I got to work, waxing up like a surfer. Just in case I needed a touch-up, I slipped Polly in my clutch...happily, there was no need. No wonder June's Marie Claire, included it on their Best Beauty Buy list for June, calling it a "summer staple".

Works for me...and I think it will work for you. It may be on its way to becoming an evening bag staple.. lipstick, credit card, $20 and Polly. Why take chances?



  1. love those shoes and Polly, too!

  2. Thanks much! I knew they would be OTT or hit just the right note. My instinct was they would rock it and they did. Really, it's hard to be OTT for anything SATC related. Glad you found Polly too. Friends are already emailing the link in the Blog or go directly to

    Thanks for checking in!




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