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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lost and Found

That's how I felt this morning, when I realized I left my makeup case at work...literally, deer in the headlights dread. Then I got a grip and remembered my duplicates have duplicates. As well, certain things like my brow kit(s), tinted moisturizer, Bobbi Brown eye liner gel and Peony blush, Almay's Intense I-color trio eyeshadow, Guerlain's Metorites Powder, and all my "tools", never travel anyway, unless I am travelling. Lipsticks???, they qualify for their own drawer, even though most are within one to two shades of a nude plum. What was there that needed to be here? Mascara.

Since mascara does have a shelf life of a few months, I never open my dupes or untried samples until it is time to use a new one. Today would be the day, to crack open Bobbi Brown's Everything Mascara. If by everything, Bobbi means the full Monte: Length, volume, intense color, no clumping and a perfect brush for application, she nailed it.

Lemonade made out of lemons, Everything Mascara is a WOW and I am actually glad I am trying it sooner than later.

Did I go and retrieve my makeup anyway??? Naturally. Irrational??? Completely. I now know I needed nothing...especially since I have Everything.


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