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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Comings and Goings

The other night was the annual Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum in Manhattan, hosted, as usual by Anna Wintour.

It is always a melting pot of stars, fashionistas and socialites, who wear everything from out and out ball gowns (which looked very 1990's to me), to avant garde cocktail wear...better.

As I was flipping through's photo recap, Brooke Shields made her entrance in a long, languorous liquid gold Michael Kors gown, with M.K. himself at her side. From the front...golden.

As I continued flipping through, I froze the slide show to a grinding halt. Oh my!!! I was again reminded, of what a girl's true best accessory is...a full length three way mirror. There went Brooke...for miles.

A good three way mirror??? Priceless. Head to tush inspection???
Don't leave home without it...


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