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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good Chemistry

I was never a huge science fan...even less so when I had to dissect a formaldehyde riddled cat, in Anatomy, as part of the requirements to fulfill my degree. It was enough to make me rethink my mathematics aversion.

Nonetheless, I do appreciate all means of cutting age science in my anti-aging products. When I heard about RoC's Brilliance, there cutting edge new line with, "E-Pulse technology", I was intrigued to sample it and learn more.

E-Pulse, is a two-step at home system, with "Beautifer" treatments for Day, Night and the Eye area. The "science" behind these products, is the use of electrostimulation, that energizes ion-mineral conductors, to stimulate the skin's natural repair process. A big mouthful that promises, "instant dramatic results, that only improve with time". Roc's tag line is, "We Keep Our Promises"...this would be a great one!

The first step is a serum that has an unusual charcoal color and a consistency that is both dry and looks and feels like nothing else I have ever put on my skin. The second step is a white cream that feels like a typical moisturizer. The Day cream is infused with SPF 20, for protection. The clinical results, particularly for the eye cream is excellent, with immediate results running shortly behind the 4 week trial, very unusual. Admittedly, I am three weeks in and I have yet to be dazzled. I also didn't find it nearly as emollient as I am comfortable using.

I think part of the issue with clinical trials, is the age of the participants and the amount of wrinkles they are battling to begin with. Maybe if I looked like a
shar pei to begin with, I would be over the moon with the new me, or perhaps this is product more suited to prevention on a thirty-something.

Either way, I seem to be in the minority. Overwhelmingly
, RoC's Brilliance Beautifier is bringing less crow footed smiles, to women all over. You can receive a $20 coupon, by visiting their website (RoC).
Would love to hear your keep me posted---Promise???


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