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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Yes, BIG...The screen at Radio City Music Hall, the scene at Radio City Music Hall. The laughs you will enjoy, at the far wittier, sparkling second installment of Sex in the City, Mr. Big, who I was seconds from lip locking at the after party, before he got whisked away, (though I did share face time with Gilles Marini, a winning close second) and big the true gauge of what the camera adds to a stars appearance...who started this 10 lb. myth??? I'd say it's more like 30.

The "Girls" all looked drop dead gorgeous and make no mistake, they are NOT big in person. Samantha, who appears to be a statuesque, tall size 8/10 on camera, is smaller, thinner and more fine boned than you can imagine. Put it this way, she looks like Carrie on camera, when you stand next to her cheek to cheek.

My Red Carpet fave was hands down, SJP in an acidic lemon one shouldered chiffon Valentino, that looked ravishing. She was also very blond, which is how I think she looks best. In SATC2, once again, her hair was darker, with scalp to chin mink roots. One question... Why???. Kristen Davis was appropriately and adorably Charlotte, in a vintage, bright pink Jean Desses strapless gown...who??? Kim Cattrall, looked stunning in a gold, Naeem Kahn gown that was marred slightly, by an over sized daisy like pattern. The Kimberly McDonald geode and diamond earrings she wore, literally rocked...absolutely original and sensational. Cynthia Nixon looks so pretty with her own blonder, tousled locks in an elegant, strapless black Carolina Herrera and again looks great as Miranda. In the film, she dons a long sleeve black gown with mirror inserts, cut down to the belly button. If Nixon had worn that to the premiere, she may have upstaged them all. may here some grumblings about Patricia Fields styling of SATC2...nonsense!!! It was all fab, except for a red clunker worn by Samantha that would have looked better on Captain Kirk and Carrie, with horrible hair, a horrible hat and a horrible tuxedo.

Next, the audience sitings...the fabulous Liza Minelli, Anna Wintour, Vera Wang, Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld, The Donald and Melania, Valentino and Giammetti, Jennifer Love Hewitt, (who's tush I have thoughtfully left out above) and Gayle King, (ditto), and of course the entire cast, past and present.

We were whisked from Radio City Music Hall, in open air SATC2, double decker buses to the after party at Lincoln Center. It was a perfect "Carrie" night...clear and crisp, with the City lending itself as the perfect, glittery backdrop, to all the excitement.

Women put effort into dressing, which is always fun to see, with shoes getting every bit as much attention as the frocks. The stars were all there, reasonably accessible, as long as you didn't flash and stalk, (picture taking was "not allowed", and I tried to respectfully comply). Lincoln Center, which will soon be home to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, was a great spot to pitch an enormous, Moroccan themed tent, which made me look forward to events there to come.

Without a doubt, Linda and I felt lucky and special to be there. I still wouldn't miss my next outing for the world...a big group of my gal pals, a big bucket of popcorn and another viewing of SATC2. I guarantee, it will be one of the biggest box office hits of the season.

Happy Summer!!! We are off to a big start...



  1. How exciting for you to go. Great re-cap . I agree about that darn TV weight. When you meet these people in real life, as I have with Cyndi Lauper and a couple others, they are so tiny, yet on TV look small but not tiny. Sad you couldn't get photos, but I understand that.

    Jean Desses is a vintage name, a coutourier in the 60s I think. Not sure if they've revived the house, Kristen may have been wearing vintage.

    I loved all their looks and SJP's Valentino and blond hair was perfecto.

  2. Sounds like such a blast! I'm so jealous!

  3. You would have loved it Kari!
    A classic NYC night and the weather Gods cooperated, which always makes things less complicated. Fire up those cocktails and go with your pals! Those male critics are decimating it! Who invited them??? Enjoy!!!


  4. You hit tne nail on the head Diane! It was vintage and it was lovely. I did squeak in some pics, just haven't downloaded them yet. Most people were respectful, it just felt awkward to act entitled and go ahead and do it anyway...ya know? Still I was dying to!!!


  5. Wow! such beautiful women... Love them.. and their hair looks so perfect. For my damaged and frizzy hair I used biogenol forming glaze from Framesi, it was really helpful.



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