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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Perfect Storm; Diva meets the Glamazon

Today was pretty perfect! Love when my business takes me to NYC...there is something fabulously energizing about going into NY, that never fails to thrill me (as long as it isn't hailing or 900 degrees).

First I took one of my lovely, loyal clients to her favorite designer's showroom, to order her spring and fall wardrobe. The designer, a truly elegant lady, was on hand to help. In addition, we dished deeply about Hilary (whom she knows)thighs and ankles (OY)! and our soon to be ex Governor, Eliot Spitzer. The Spitzer thing is a festering boil that needs to be lanced, quickly... I have the feeling we will be bombarded with all things #9. I am both breathless in anticipation and repulsed...(Elegant Silda and the people of NY deserve better).
Have a quick bite with my sister Loren, a lovely lunatic, who makes me laugh like crazy. She gleefully reports spotting a well tended Bee Hive across the room, that me, without glasses , insists is nothing more than a tall brown hat. (I know Amy Winehouse is having a moment with this thing...but isn't their something glorious about a woman who has the confidence to stick with the same do for 45 years)? Loren sees my eyes alight and assumes someone is walking by with a large tray of creme brulee and towering chocolates... She turns to see that yes, I am now confirming the hive siting, in all its well crafted, Aquanet glory. She leaves her seat to join me on the banquet so we can enjoy it together. We delight in our insanity...
The highlight of the day is the end, when I have the opportunity to meet Laura Bennett, my most favorite, ever, Project Runway finalist at her Studio. Talk about Glama Girls! It is 4pm and Laura is perfectly coiffed in an off the shoulder black stretch wool crepe cocktail dress and 90mm black suede MB's. This is my idea of a Goddess! Laura has a guest column on parenting and fashion on Ivillage and will soon be appearing regularly on the Today show (starting March 18th at 9am) to bring these segments to the air. Not only are her designs to die for (think Audrey in BAT), but she has 6 kids afoot and this is her everyday attire... I am in awed! Best of all she is delightful, funny and approachable. I think wonderful things are ahead for Miss Laura, and looking forward to some great future collaborations...
Hope you had a fab day too!!! What were your highlights???


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