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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March Madness

I hate's my least favorite month of the year. Such a tease!!! Spring beckons, but really, not. The minute I start thinking about switching my closet (or should I say torching it), a 'Nor Easter is sure to touch down.

At least I am surrounded by luscious spring color and clothes, it helps! I always send my clients a Trend Report of the looks for each season as I have interpreted them from the runways and magazine editorials. Here is a round up for Spring 2008:

Globalization- Gorgeous African and Asian inspired geometrical prints can be found on dresses, skirts, tunics and tops. Also look for wood bead trims on necklines and hems. Designers leading the pack are Etro, Chloe, Lanvin, Diane Von Furtenberg, Naeem Khan, Giambattista Valli and Tory Burch.
I won't live without- Something new from Pucci...always looks fresh and never dated and a little goes a long way (there is a knee length, 3/4 sleeve coat that I would happily swap a major organ for).

Ultra Bright- Great pops of yellow, orange, sapphire blue, fuscia, coral and chartreuse found in collections from Valentino, Dolce, Michael Kors, Cucinelli, Loro Piana, Ralph Lauren, Theory and Majestic. Brights work best either mixed boldly or foiled against white and taupe.
Gotta have- a lightweight cashmere tee or tank in a few of these colors to give me a lift and punch up the remnants of my winter wardrobe with more additions to follow.

Sheer Madness- Diaphanous layers of gauzy chiffon in blouses and camisoles, and as inserts on skirts and dresses. Looks fresh from Malandrino, Bamford and Lanvin.
I will wear it- as a sleeveless stock tie blouse, with wide leg trousers and a gladiator sandal.

Flower Power- Poppies, roses, hydrangeas and lilacs bloom on everything and from everyone, including slightly fuller dresses at Dolce and Carolina Herrera to full length gowns from Michael Kors.
Make mine-a small bouquet. This may be something I will enjoy more on someone else... Florals can be a little sweet, and we know that I am not. I can see, wearing a drop waisted softly pleated floral skirt and a simple tank on a hot day.

Plum Delicious-Gorgeous hues of purple in lilac, plum and eggplant abound in collections from Strenesse, Malandrino, Pucci, Etro and Carolina Herrera.
It's a strong trend and continues right through to fall, as shown on many runways.
I love it and will wear it- but it is tricky... Certain shades of purple and lavender are universally flattering to blondes, brunettes and red heads. There is one hue, however, that is best left for your Aunt Bea and certain ladies working west of 9th Avenue. Did you guess it? It's...MAGENTA. Nevah evah, OK???

Shoes & Handbags-You can play it safe with nude neutrals, or black patent, which always work with strong color, but the real excitement is in bold color. All the ready-to-wear shades are available in patents and skins as well as burnished metallics. In shoes look for heavier, gladiator style sandals, peep toes, as well as jeweled and embellished flats. In handbags, soft structure, totes and clutches all continue.
I am desperate for something yellow-but it will certainly sour my complexion to a shade of light pistachio. I will get my fix, probably from a new bag since this is obviously a hot trend with short shelf life, mine will be a "cheap and cheerful", as I like to call it. All joy, no remorse. (My friend Randi has an impeccable eye. She sources bags both domestically and abroad. Always spot on trends, lovely quality and just what you want to spend to freshen up your handbag wardrobe seasonally. I think there will be a stampede at her Spring show at Julie's on April 3rd and 4th).

Jewelry- Bangles and dangles, rich shades of gold, colored stones, ginormous cocktail rings bright bands on wrist watches...another easy way to pop in some color.
I am bedazzled- love my jewels, real and faux. If you do too, pile 'em on now, honey...cause anytime the fashion pendulum swings one way, it comes back just as strongly the other...

Gee, I am actually feeling better just imagining how cheerful we are all going to be looking. Another boost, one of my most favorites, a tall, beautiful, but slightly, conservative client bought the Pucci coat... She can't resist it's joyfulness either! This is something that will live happily in her closet for years. She's is a lucky lady...3 sons, so the only person she has to worry about swiping it from her, is me.

Happy Spring!



  1. by the way, what a GORGEOUS pic of you in your profile!!!
    xo Deb

  2. Thanks Deb!
    A little boobalicious, but what evah!!! Apologies to my darling friend I., who got hacked off in the cropping.




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