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Thursday, March 13, 2008

In Treatment - The Results

First I just want to send xox's to all my pals and family for wishing me well with the blog...I am having fun with this. Last night was a gathering of our monthly book club (a brainy, beautiful bunch) and as always, we moved on to beauty scoop and great remembrances of things past...all fodder for the future...thanks much!

This morning I was trying out the Neutrogena hair mask. First thing I noticed is that the consistency pretty much stays the same after microwaving, didn't exactly glide through my hair, which I prefer. Warmed the towel, checked my emails, devoured the NYT's coverage of the Spitzer mess and hopped in the shower. Next observation, was that my hair was a bit resistant to suds. Decided to skip a second round of shampoo, since it felt like the consistency it normally would after conditioning.

My hair is now at least 6 weeks out from color, and I forgot I would also need a healthy dollop of the messy (but effective), John Frieda Color Glaze for Brunettes. Towel dried gently. Decided to skip any product but some root lift to see how effective the NHM was on it's own...

In the meantime, while my hair is airing dry a bit, I start to moisturize and begin my makeup. I notice a dark, eraser head, shaped freckle has sprouted on my left nostril. Defeated that things like this can happen, literally, overnight, I slap on some hydroquinine bleaching creme and a large dollop of concealer... I start drying the product less back of my head and quickly recognize good things are not afoot. Re wet the whole head, and apply the Neutrogena Anti Frizz creme.

Now the phrase "eraser head shaped freckle" pops back in my head, as I am remembering it from a top signs of Melanoma list. As a BC survivor, I am a little hypersensitive and I am super cranky at the prospect of having developed cancer in an 8 hour span. The hair is looking OK, not great. Back to the EHSF... I have a thought...burrow under the sink for some hydrogen peroxide, grab a Q-Tip and scrub! Voila!!! It is disappearing, just as I hoped. Said EHSF was nothing more than a walnut colored stain from the John Frieda Color Glaze. Phew!!!

I finish up my hair and I am disappointed. On the mass side, aforementioned Garnier Nutrisse Hair Mask is far superior.Oh well, the Neutrogena was only $6.99... unless of course I can find my CVS receipt...


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