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Monday, March 10, 2008

The Root of the Problem....

As I scraped the last of my Garnier Nutrisse deep conditioning hair mask out of the jar, I contemplated my next purchase...high brow, Keratase or She Umera from Salon O, where I get my hair cut or low brow, Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask from my beloved CVS?
Now, a girl has got to love CVS, stocked to the rafters with ooodles of perfectly good product and they accept returns (It all equals out....have you ever left there without spending 50 bucks)? Nuetrogena it was. If only I could find their credit, lots of more upscale product, Matrix, Biolage, Bumble and Bumble, Nexxus, Paul Mitchell abounds....ohh there it was on the third tier side with the Pantene and the Loreal, one shelf above the Suave. Now I am glazing and pick up the first thing that says "Triple Moisture". That plus another 5 items and I am out of there.
Unload my haul at home only to find that this is not the Triple Moisture Recovery Mask, but the Triple Moisture Anti Frizz and Shine Creme. Crap! What to do? The straight up swap or knowing that I have spent as much at CVS in the last 10 years as I have on my mortgage, sample the stuff, knowing I have my receipt??? The latter, natch (despite 3 fully loaded other anti frizz/shine cremes already in residence under my sink)
Well, this long story has a happy ending...this product is FAB!!!! Not only was my hair manageable, but glowing and bouncy....No afghan head for me...
It's a keeper and back I went for the Recovery Mask...which brings us to the whole untidy routine of deep conditioning, but that will be another day...



  1. Debbie, I find myself speechless. I never knew such products existed until about a year ago. (I am fashion and beauty challenged!)

    No wonder you are so beautiful, sophisticated and ageless!! So tell me - have you heard of this new product, bimene? A client recommended it to me, and I am thinking about trying it. The web site is So what do you think, divadebbie?!! :) I await your verdict.

  2. Di,
    You are so sweet!
    Never heard of Bimene, will do my due diligence. I am on the tail end of a Arbonne Nutrimin C infatuation...great stuff, but my interest is waning and my skin is plateauing. Maybe I'll be moving on to Bimene!
    Stay posted.




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