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Friday, March 14, 2008

Pale and Pasty

I've got 13 minutes to the Friday installment of In Treatment, when my (boyfriend), Gabriele Byrne visits with his shrink. I will make it snappy.
Super cranky, need to carve out a few days away in the sun...nothing specific until May, which may as well be November.
I am newly in love with Olay of Olay's Touch of Sun Overnight Bronzer (medium/dark), which I of course use in the morning. No way am I risking staining my sheets or (again) freezing buck naked while the stuff dries for 15 minutes. No, this gets applied after my morning shower in a well heated bathroom. Not streaky, doesn't make my existing freckles look like Lincoln pennies, good golden color. It has (for now) replaced my long time favorite, Loreal Sublime, though I am missing the pretty sheen that the Sublime left on my skin.
The challenge is my face!!! I want bronze, I want dark and I want it now!!!
I need your tried and trues asap... Money is no object, class, mass, whatever works, bring it on!!!

Dd (aka Pale and Pasty)

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