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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bliss Blessings

I woke up this morning in a fog, with a killer headache...hard to tell if it was my usual sinus stuff or too much wine and not enough food syndrome. (I attended a black tie benefit last night for a great cause, Juvenile Diabetes. Note to all food committee's past and present; please don't ever under stock the bread basket, particularly for themed occasions). Too tired to whip up a grilled cheese when I got home, I did my usual cleanse, tone, glycolic swipe, serum, eye creme, night creme, lip balm routine and hop into bed.

I promised an update on the bounty of Bliss products I was given and have an epiphany that the "hot salt scrub", with rosemary and eucalyptus may actually provide relief for my head. It is described as an "oil-free heat as you rub", scrub. It is applied to dry skin before showering and will "dissolve instantly on contact with water". I don't know about the rosemary, but the Vick's Vaporub of my youth is wafting around my bathroom. I actually don't mind Vicks, I just could never stand it's oily slickness, sticking to my flannel nighties (thanks Mom, I know your intentions were pure). Yes, the eucalyptus is doing great things for my head and as promised and it is rinsing off easily. But am I clean? I have no idea...if I now use my beloved Dove Pro Age creme body oil wash, will I not turn out "buffed, de-roughed, soft and sloughed"? Or will I be so viscous, that one false step and I risk slipping and cracking my skull like a honeydew? One thing is for don't have these issues.

And what is slowing down the drain?...(I never discussed the drain with my fabulous housekeeper. She is so much more meticulous than I am, that I just assumed it's maintenance was her purview). Let's just stop at uh-oh... Suffice to say, there is a reason these things are best done at a spa. "hot salt scrub" may have clogged up my drain, but at least it did wonderful things for unclogging my brain.

There is plenty of Bliss from Bliss... The "daily detoxifying facial toner" is mild, pleasant smelling and effective. I love the "pore-perfecting facial polish". The texture is lovely, it rinses off well and leaves a visible glow. The "manicure's best friend", has done a nice job of keeping my cuticles soft between manicures. I have already replaced my Kiehl's bedside version with their "superbalm lip conditioner" (though the spf 15 will surely go wasted as I sleep). Both the naked and vanilla+bergamot "body butter maximum moisture cremes" are decidedly delicious, particularly the latter. Though some what solid at first dab, it spreads easily, absorbs quickly and I do feel, "seriously soft", in fact, like buttah.
I still have a half a dozen or more yet to try...let's keep eachother posted on our picks and pans...


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