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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Too, Cheated...

It seems you can't pick up the morning paper anymore, without reading more than you ever wanted to, about our politicians infidelities, thus prompting my own confession.

I like to think of myself as a loyal person. If you provide me with top notch, courteous, service, I am pretty much a vested lifer. My favorites know that and I shower them with referrals. I genuinely love them and want to share their talents...but every now and then, even the most loyal of us get the urge to cheat and it is usually on our Hairdressers or Colorists (and some, on their Personal Shoppers, you know who you are)...

Yesterday, I cheated on my Hairdresser. There, I said it... Some elements feel like a first date. That buzz of excitement... looking forward to seeing someone new for the first time... that reckless feeling of the unknown...but than the doubt creeps in...What if things don't go well? What if a trim in your book means shorn in theirs? You calm yourself with the, "Oh, it's only hair and will grow back" fable...Let's pray it doesn't come to that...But what if it does? Tearful confessions and recriminations, promises never to stray again...Shame, remorse and bad hair... Was this my fate???

Nope, not this time...dodged a bullet here. A great experience... Lovely salon, gracious people, an amazing Haircutter, haircut and blow out (not a given, as well you know). Raves from my co-workers, minimal touch up this morning (despite having to rework the night sweat waves undulating around my neck, yeah, you know who you are). Just need to get over that last hurdle, washing and drying it myself...that's the real litmus test and I will know in a day or two where my real fate lies.

Just a word about cheating...I tease my clients when they do. It is usually after they have given me ample notice to find something specific and despite best efforts, I haven't nailed it. I truly want them to look fabulous. I don't even mind when they ask for my opinion of their swag before removing the tags. Nine times out of 10, I love it and I am genuinely thrilled if their fashion dilemma has been resolved. We get it, sometimes there are really good reasons to stray. Sometimes you just feel like a change and sometimes you want to try someone else within the same establishment, but are too embarrassed to hurt feelings. The truth is, we are human, but professional. Honesty or white lies are just fine...we really just want you to continue to "shop" where we work and not lose a client to a competitor. And if we do, no hard feelings...we just look forward to that time in the future when you are crawling, errr, I mean coming, back...



  1. I can't wait to see your cheating hairstyle!! Don't fret we've all been their and done that!!!!


  2. SLS- Miss you. I think you will like it...the home blow drys are not quite as dazzling. I am still trying to master the true bang length pieces in the front and how best to style them...a work in progress...I will definitely go back.
    How did your color come out the other day?




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