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Friday, May 20, 2011

Diva and You: A Giveaway You Deserve

Let's try to take better care of our skin, shall we??? I love when I have opportunities to share giveaways with my readers and when it's something that can help keep our skin stay healthy, so much the better!

May is officially Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know a staggering 2,000,000 Americans, will be diagnosed with skin cancer this year? To protect myself, I am trying harder to incorporate  SPF into my daily skin care routine. Every morning I have been spraying myself neck to toe with a generic CVS SPF 30 sunblock, that has the consistency of a fine mist of water.  It takes all of 20 seconds, so there are no excuses.  It's something I hope you will consider too, even on cloudy days.

What I also need is a good day cream for my face, but one that doesn't leave a chalky white, zinc residue. I decided to check what Lumene, a top Scandinavian skincare line might have to offer. I know I want something that has UVA/UVB protection but will address my other skincare needs too. I had used their Excellent Future Deep Repairing Night Cream, made with apple extract and Artic White Peat to the last drop...always a good sign! I was sure they would have some great options and was delighted to find they have not one but three to choose from:

Lumene Vitamin C+ Pure Radiance Day Cream SPF 15
·       Great for all skin types; gives the skin radiance while protecting it against the harmful 
        effects of the sun          
·       Contains Arctic cloudberry seed oil, which is bursting with natural antioxidant

Time Freeze Firming Day Cream SPF 15
·       Ideal for normal and dry skin; helps to maintain the skin's youthfulness, by providing a
        firming effect        
·       UVA/UVB ratio protects the skin from the aging effect and pigment changes caused by 

Premium Beauty Rejuvenating Day Cream SPF 15
·       Luxuriously soft day cream protects the skin from the effects of aging and pigment 
        caused by sun exposure
·       It gives your skin an instant glow protection that lasts all day

Here's the great news!!!  We don't have to choose!!!   Lumene  is going to let me and one lucky DivaDebbi reader try all three!!!  How can you take advantage of this fabulous offer?
Simply leave me a comment about why you would like to try them, with your contact information, (this is the only way I can contact the winner, so please remember to include an email).  I will announce the winner on Monday May 23rd at 9:00 p.m. EST.

Fingers crossed...I hope we love them! Stay protected and beautiful.



  1. I would love to try these! I am a 34 year old mom with two active little ones who love to play outside as much as possible! With the summer months upon us, I will be outdoors a lot and taking care of my skin is important to me. I would love the opportunity to put these to the test! Thanks!(

  2. I would love to win them. I am looking for a new skin care routine now that I have time and my boys will be going to school this year. I have totally neglected myself for almost 5 years.

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  3. I've been trying to find the right skin care regime for so long and I still haven't found what works for me! I also don't have a lot of money to spend on makeup and skin care so winning some really nice products would just be amazing! These products could really help my skin.


  4. I would love to win them. I am still looking for the right skin care regime. Summer and sun exposure necessitates good sun screen. Plus who doesn't love trying new beauty products!! Beth

    busydocmom at gmail dot com

  5. I recently used up a sample size of the vitamin C cream and loved it. My skin is going through many hormonal changes lately and can't seem to decide what it wants to be from one day to the next, so having all three to use should address all my needs. Really impressed with Lumene's products. Heidi

    hkulick at yahoo dot com

  6. This line sounds wonderful. I like the antioxidants and the inclusion of Vitamin C with the protective SPF. I wear SPF all year round and I think it is really beneficial. The issue is finding a good anti-aging cream with sufficient SPF. These sound like they fit the bill.

    taffy4aday at aol dot com

  7. I would love to try this line. I definitely need a moisturizer with sunscreen that will give me a luminous look.

  8. Hi~
    I need these because I'm a not-so-young mom of teens who needs to get serious about skin care. I need spf, vitamin c and ANYTHING to give me a more youthful appearance :) Thanks for doing this!
    vac924 at gmail dot com

  9. Wow!!! Both you and Lumene are being very generous!
    I absolutely agree with you, wearing SPF is very important. I used to wear it in my foundation when i wore the Bare Minerals but i no longer wear their foundation, so i've been looking for a new moisturizer with an SPF. I would love a chance to try the Lumene.
    Thank you for doing this! I just recently came across your blog and i love it!
    (ljb82966 at comcast dot net)

  10. I love this line and would love to win these Debi! I am still on the hunt for a great moisturizer that actually helps my skin!

  11. What a coincidence. Just browsing the internet on Lumen cosmetics. Then, through a Bloglovin I open your post and see this unique Giveaway.
    In our country we do not have this brand, so I should be ordered it from abroad.

    andreja.av at

    Have fun!

  12. Wow, I would love to try the first one, I have never tried Vitamin C moisturizer before, hope it helps brightening my skin!
    yanziforever1028 at yahoo dot com dot tw

  13. I'd like to try them because I've heard good things about Lumene & I'm always looking to try new moisturizers! :)

  14. I'm all for anything that makes me look better and is good for my skin.

  15. what a generous giveaway! we just got a pool membership and i plan to spend most of the summer there with my five-yr-old son. good way to keep him occupied and happy, LOUSY way to keep my 45 y.o. skin looking healthy. these (esp. the vitamin c) could go a long way to remedying that...thanks for the chance.

  16. I would love to try these Lumene products! I recently purchase a sample size of the Vitamin C+ Day Cream, and am loving it so far!

  17. I hope I am in under the wire! I would love to try these, I've tried a Lumene serum before but never a day cream - I *need* to get with the spf, it's irresponsible not to, but I hate the "wearing a mask" feel of heavy spf. I'm betting Lumene might make it liveable!

    fountaingirl (at) (gmail) (dot com)

  18. My best friend and I used to be sun worshippers always competing for the darkest tan. Because I have an allergy to the sun in that I develop little red bumps after prolonged exposure, I have avoided the sun and summer activities, which I love for many years, putting a huge damper on my social life. Well, my friend developed a horrible case of skin cancer on her face causing the surgeon to remove the skin causing horrible disfiguration. Everyone thinks it won't happen to them but they're wrong. i am terrified of going out in the sun while my friends enjoy all the fun activities of the warm months, I make up excuses why I can't join them because I haven't found any product that I feel really protects me from the sun and it's harmful rays. I would love to try these products as they sound like they do protect your skin and maybe for the first time in 20 years, I could finally enjoy the summer months again.Since I've tried so many products and have seen the damage the sun can cause, I think I could write informative reviews while trying these products, giving honest assessments as to their efficacy and maybe could help others who also have issues with the sun, decide, based on my experience with these products, if they would be a good fit for them. This is such an important issue for me and I would love the opportunity to not only try these products for myself, but to help others with the same fears as me.

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  19. I would love to try this line - I'm always looking for the perfect product & with the sunscreen in these - perfect for Florida.

  20. My once cute freckles are turning in to big brown blobs.......time to start regularly using sun screen. Id love to find one that works well under my make up with a high spf!

  21. Hi Katherine,
    Im thinking of trying the new Neutrogena 100SPF with Helioplex. It seems silly to keep having my spots zapped off not to protect them from coming back...




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