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Friday, September 20, 2013

Tavi Takes Toronto

Tavi Takes Toronto

Tavi Takes Toronto by divadebbi

Tavi Gevinson looked beautifully all grown up in her appearances at the Toronto International Film Festival.  She started a fashion blog at 11 and caught the notice of everyone in the industry, including the illustrious Anna Wintour.


By 13, she was seated in the front row of the fashion show at New York Fashion Week, (much to the chagrin of experienced journalists), garbed in outfits of her own unique styling.


Tavi Gevinson (with her hair dyed grey)

When she was 15, she started her incredibly successful website Rookie for teens, which captured nearly 1million page views in its first five days of being live.


At 17, she is making her acting debut in Enough Said, with the late, great James Gandolfini and the wonderful Julia Louis-Dreyfus.  Not surprisingly, she is already winning rave reviews.


What on earth will she do for an encore???

I can't wait to find out...


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